May 24, 2014

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Our Furrbabies photo 1Our Furrbabies photo 2Our Furrbabies photo 3

This is Ryu. She is my six year old Shiba Inu. She is playful and sweet. She is only about 20lbs and very easy going. I spent a lot of time training her and am proud to say she is extremely well behaved!


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This Arahni. She is a 2 year old Siamese that I rescued when she was 9 months old. She is our little hambone. Nani is very much a spaz and is always doing things to make us laugh. She is very snuggly and alway follows me around waiting for me to lie down so she can sit on me!


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Xander is my 5 year old Siamese mix that I hand raised at the age of 3 weeks. He is my big smush-pot! He loves every body and has the sweetest high pitched meow for a big cat. He weighs as much as the dog!!!!

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About Us photo 1                                       About Us photo 2

Easter 2012 (I made my dress!!!)          At Earthfest in Boston (We went to see my favorite band Eve6)

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 His name is Jeffrey and he...
-  is 28 years old... Silly Taurus :)
-  is a big geek! But I call him my Knight in Tarnished Armor
-  is a landscaper by trade
-  loves cats
-  plays World of Warcraft and Dungeons & Dragons
-  loves playing Airsoft and commands his own team (so at least he is an active geek :D)
-  makes me a smoothie every morning for breakfast
-  doesn't really like professional sports
-  has a fantastic and supportive family
-  is silly and goofy but very smart
-  hates peas... no really... hates them!!!!
-  loves my cooking
-  is always wearing a hat


My name is Amber and I...
-  am 28 years old (older by 3 months)... quirky Aquarius
-  am a slight, newly discovered geek, but he calls me his Delicate Desert Flower
-  am a bank teller by trade
-  love all animals! (I'll post pics of my furbabies ASAP)
-  lived in Arizona for 6 years
-  love to cook
-  am the magenta sheep of the family... they are all black sheep >.<
-  was a cheerleader in highschool but doesnt watch sports now
-  am an avid bellydancer
-  has been called the epitome of karaoke
-  am not a big fan of chocolate
-  love the smell of laundry hung out to dry
-  love being creative... sewing, crafting, knitting, cooking
-  am a big list maker. nothing better than crossing stuff out!

- enjoy camping
- play WoW and D&D together (yes, he sucked me in)
- love curling up in bed watching movies together
- have a huge book collection
- love trying new restaurants
- fantasize about retiring in the Caribbean on our own sail boat (first we need to learn to sail :D)
- love taking the top and doors off the Jeep and going for a ride
- enjoy singing along to the radio
- love dancing in the kitchen
- love laughing together
- live on Cape Cod, MA


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We are both very geeky. We love computer games and watching Star Wars. So we wanted to keep a lot of our personality alive in our wedding.

I have always dreamed of having a small intimate affair with just friends and close family.

I'm going with a Clocks and Peacocks theme. With a little bit of Steampunk flair. I think my colors are going to be navy blue and bright green. But my mind is changing slightly and slowly. I know I want to stick with the peacocks, but maybe add some gray. I love gray. It's very classy and timeless. I know I want Jeffrey to wear a gray suit, and he is insisting on a top hat. :)

I have a lot of ideas and plans saved on my computer, it will just take some time to transfer to PW.

I know I want to do a lot of DIY and so far that plan is coming together nicely!

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Although we aren't engaged yet, he fully condones that fact that I get some work done on our wedding. We have discussed that we want to spend the rest of our lives together, but he wants to get me the perfect ring. I can wait patiently. In fact that's what I'm really good at.

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Jeffrey and I met through a mutual friend. My biffles Lindz. They had known eachother for a few years. He dated a friend of hers a long time ago. The first time I laid eyes on him was the day after the big move. He was over Lindz's house helping her with her D&D character. Yes, we are geeks.

All I know is that when I got in the shower only Lindz and her husband were there. When I exited the bathroom, in nothing but a towel, a man I had never seen before was standing right there. "Hi" he said happily. *Squeak* was all that came from me as I bolted to my room. (I found out later that was the moment I struck his eye. I have several tattoos on my back and shoulder that he wouldn't have been able to see if they weren't bare. He loved them and was curious about me) When I had properly covered myself and regained my composure I emerged to find a young man sitting on the couch with Lindz chatting. As you can imagine I wasn't very cordial. I was still very drained from the move and just wanted to relax. I curled up on the couch and proceeded to fall asleep after a very brief introduction. At that point he didn't seem extraordinary. He had a ridiculous scraggly beard thing on his face and I couldnt really see beyond that. It was definitely not love at first sight.

A week or so later Lindz was hosting the D&D session at her house. We all ordered delivery and I had to work early so I retreated into my room to eat and hide. Jeffrey was the leader of the group so he was there. I had forgotten part of my wings. (I love wings!) So I came back out to get them. I was at the counter checking which container was mine when an arm reaches under mine and grabs a wing. A whip around to defend my chicken and there he was. Clean shaven and hot as ever! He looked so completely different without the dead animal on his face I was struck dumb. He stood in front of me smiling. I went back to my room, ate my dinner and went to bed.

The next day after work I was playing around on my computer when I got a friend request from him. I thought, "Okay", what the harm. He proceeded to message me. (I found out later that he was sort of seeing a friend of a friend at the time) We chatted and joked about me taking him out back a giving him a royal beating. All of a sudden he says. "How about I take you out for coffee and then we can get on with the abuse?" I replied, "I don't drink coffee." "Okay, how about tea?" "Alright, I'm free next weekend." "How about tomorrow?" "Okay, I get out at 5:00." "I'll pick you up at six." "Okay."

He picked me up and we went to a local Irish pub for beer and strawberry shortcake. I know it is a little off the original plan. But when I got there and saw the dessert menu had my favorite thing ever I got excited! (Little did I know that it is one of his favorite desserts as well). We proceeded to hangout and talk for about two hours. It started to get loud in the bar so he invited me to his house to watch a movie. Well, there wasn't much watching because we both never shut up. I greatly surprised him with my sci-fi/fantasy knowlege and he was such a gentleman, pulling out chairs and taking my coat and all that. Needless to say, I didn't get home until 3am!!! Lindz had called me probably 12 times!

We saw each other three times that week. (He very quickly stopped seeing that other girl...)

I swore to myself that we would take it slow. And we did. He told me he loved me for the first time on St. Patrick's Day. It is a day we will celebrate for the rest of our lives.

We moved in together last October. I love his family and can't wait to be a part of it!

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I am origially from Nantucket Island. It is a small "sandbar" off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I just left the island two years ago to get away from the "every one knows your name and business" mentality. I had also just gotten out of a terrible five year relationship. Of course I didn't know it was terrible at the time! I worked at the local animal hospital as the head of the front desk. I have been around all types of animal my entire life and feel very comforable dealing with them. I currently have two cats and a dog. (Pics to follow) My Biffles, Lindz (also known as BFF), had left the island about seven years before and had been begging me to join her. She had found the love of her life and knew that I needed to get out of there as well. My current boyfriend refused to leave his home town though and so I was stuck. The jerk broke up with me two days before my birthday in January 2010. I spent the next couple of months pulling myself together and finding a better me. I decided to spend some time by myself and enjoy what I could do for me. I started running. I lost 60 pounds and felt better than ever. That mother's day I left the island to visit my Biffles for the weekend. I had a doctors appointment and her family is basically mine too, so my mom understood that we would postpone our time together for a couple of days. We had all just sat down to a lovely homemade brunch when Lindz's bonus-dad (step-father) busts out with, "So when are you moving over here?!?" I respond without a pause, "The end of October". I hadn't even thought about it, but the words just spilled out. It felt natural. So the process began. It is far from moving to the next town. Everything has to be moved over the ocean by boat. Oi! It was very stressful. Everything fell into place perfectly. I had to push my departure date back a month as a personal favor to my supervisor. (She had a vacation planned and requested that I stay to help train my replacement.) So the new date of adventure was Halloween 2010. The move was hectic but everything worked out well. I had an interview lined up for two days after I got there, and was offered the job the next day! It has been the biggest and best decision in my life so far. I miss my mom everyday, but we both know it's worth it!