Aug 08, 2009

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I am so excited for the Honeymoon, maybe even more excited than for the wedding! 

We are taking a 12 night Royal Caribbean in the Mediterranean, and we stop in Alexandria, Egypt.  That's a new Continent for me!!!! 

Honeymoon photo 1

On the last night we have to stay in a Hotel in Rome because our flight doesn't leave the same day that the cruise comes in, so FI booked this one:

Honeymoon photo 2

Honeymoon photo 3

Honeymoon photo 4

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Invitations photo 1Invitations photo 2

These are my Do-it-yourself invitations, and the map that I designed.  I am SOO glad that this project is DONE.

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Bridesmaids Dresses photo 1

Watters Style 396 - Midori Green

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CAKE photo 1CAKE photo 2|

It will look like the two above with the hexagon shape.  Each side of the cake will have a different pattern or picture motive.  I plan to have some pictures of things that FI and I both love, like piano, sailing, traveling, cooking, and also pictures of pears since that is our wedding theme. 


I may incorporate elements from these cakes into the final one:

CAKE photo 3CAKE photo 4


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Allentown Symphony Hall

Reception photo 1


Floral Inspiration:

I am going for mostly white flowers with lots of greenery.  The bridesmaids are wearing Midori Green dresses and will have white, creamy yellow and salmon pink bouquets.

Reception photo 2Reception photo 3

Reception photo 4Reception photo 5


Centerpiece Inspiration:

These aren't really my colors, but I am having centerpieces that are in urns, and they will be mostly pears and green grapes with some white and salmon pink flowers tucked in.

Reception photo 6Reception photo 7


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DIY Save the Dates photo 1

That's right, everyone got Save the Date TICKETS from me. 

We are having our reception at Allentown Symphony Hall, so I thought it would be cute to send everyone tickets.

My invitations will be pretty standard.