Oct 06, 2012

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Matt had "surprised" Megan with a trip to her parents' farm to celebrate her 28th birthday--the first time to celebrate her birthday with her family since high school. Apparently Megan almost walked into the middle of Matt and her dad having "the talk" Sunday evening, but she was totally oblivious to it.

The drives to and from Indy that weekend were filled with serious relationship talk about if they were to get married. The drive back to Lexington found Matt obsessively holding onto Megan's left hand while he drove. After getting back to the house, unpacking and straightening up the house (the cats like to make a mess of the house while the rest of the family is gone), Megan took a shower. Upon coming out of the bathroom ready for bed, she overheard Matt say something about Mesa having something for her. Oblivious to what was about to happen, she went into the living room for some chap stick. Mesa came running out of the bedroom towards Megan, and Megan noticed Mesa had something odd around her neck. (Megan likes to take the collars off of the dogs every night before bed.)

As Megan went to bend down to see what it was, out came Matt. He got down on one knee and took the Red Bull lanyard off of Mesa's neck (at this time Megan notices something sparkly hanging off). He took Megan's hand, slipped the ring on her finger and said, "Well...will you marry me?" 

Finally, Matt had fulfilled a longtime goal--he totally surprised Megan (she usually figures out his "surprises" before they happen) and she was speechless. For what seemed like forever (to Matt), Megan stood there asking, "What the hell?" and not really registering what was happening. After about five minutes of shock, Megan realized she hadn't said an answer and finally said, "Oh! I haven't said anything! Yes!!"

And that, as they say, was that for now...