Jun 25, 2011

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I already have a wedding site so instead of copying and pasting or rewriting it all I'm just going to summarize:

My fiancé's name is Kym...yes Kym. :-) We met online over 10 years ago. We weren't on a dating site, but it was a social networking site. In fact, someone else asked me to join and I do so to get him to stop calling me. LOL

Anywhooo, I kept getting messages from people telling me to check out this guy's page because he was "hilarious." Finally, I log in one day and his profile was on the front page. I clicked it and couldn't stop laughing. He had tons of stuff on his page about the contradictions - or outright lies - that he had come across regarding women's profiles. It was funny! About two weeks pass and I send him a message saying that I thought he had a great sense of humor. He responded a few days later and the rest, as the say, is history.

We started off as friends...period. We lived in different states. (Him in Washington and me in California) I was divorced with kids, he was about 2 years out of a serious relationship. We both made it clear from the beginning that we weren't looking to hook up or get involved. The friendship developed so easily and eventually, so did the love.

Kym is, quite simply, the most amazing spirit I've ever come across. He stuck around through some serious hardships. My ex-husband is a jerk, he stayed. About 8 months into our actual relationship, my youngest son was diagnosed with autism. I tried to break off the relationship. Not only did he stay, but he found an amazing program for him. He's been the best thing for "our" son's development. Fast forward, 6 years and I get diagnosed with cancer...Stage IV Breast Cancer. No need to go into the experience but he's been absolutely the best support!

He proposed about a year after my diagnosis and while I happily accepted, I also told him he must be crazy. My prognosis wasn't good and I was fearful of marrying him. He said, "You are, by far, the best thing to ever happen to me and I realize that we never know how much time we have on this earth. So whether it's a day, a week, a year or the rest of my life, I NEED to call you my wife."

Yeah...cue the water works!!!

I took a year before I set a date - I was scared - and we're getting married on June 25, 2011 at the Space Needle in Seattle. Whooooohoooo!!!

Autism and cancer have become a part of my life and sometimes, it's not easy to think of yourself as having a "Happily Ever After". It took me a moment to realize that I've been living mine for 10 years now...and I'm not about to stop now.  :-)

All the best to everyone for YOUR Happily Ever After!