May 07, 2011

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The candy table is where I will also have the grooms cake. I bought four big jars

 Cake photo 1 and i each one I am going to put candy of each color dress.  



And lastly the cake....lucky for me my cousin makes beautiful cakes, and she came up with the idea of cupcake cake using all the colors for cupcakes.

 Cake photo 2



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Next was the decoration. It's a simple small church wedding, so my decorations are simple.  I bought some orange ribbon and bench hooks and my grandmother made bows with flowers that match my center peices in the middle. I don't have a picture just yet, but here's an idea. except its all orange instead of white.

Decoration photo 1

  These will be on each pew going down the center row. She also made two larger ones for the doors and little white ones for extra decoration. not sure where they'll go yet.

I needed to find a place to rent the unity candle and candelabra. I found a good place in Anniston, AL called Robert's Rentals. The prices were fair and they are nice people. So far everything is working out with them. Here's a link to their page, they also rent tents, linens, tuxedos, etc. http://www.robertsrentalsllc.com/



Decoration photo 2   I rented two of these



Decoration photo 3 the unity candle that matched, and two 4 foot columns

Decoration photo 4


So next I needed decoration for the fellowship that we will be having the reception at. I have orange tablecloths with white runners. Also, I bought disposable cameras to have on each table that guests can take pictures with!! So for my center piece I saw what I wanted

Decoration photo 5 not exactly it but close. These ranged from $30 to $40 each, so I made them my self. You can buy the artificial water, but I chose to use clear pebbles

Decoration photo 6 I put the flower of my choice in the jar of my choice and bent the stem like the picture. Then I put the pebbles in which weighed the flower down. Lastly, I tied a ribbon around it. Each one cost a little over 5 dollars to make. (I found everything half of!). You can also paint the jar or use colored pebbles.

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So for my bridesmaid dresses I had to set out to find an orange, pink, blue, and yellow dress that were similar styles that each looked on the girls. Oh yea did I mention the sizes were the HARDEST sizes to find?? I found one dress that worked one. After many many days of searching. My wedding is being planned in exactly 3 months, so ordering would have been near impossible. Luckily, my aunt who is a talented seamstress offered to make them!! So then it was deciding on a dress that looked good on my skinny stick girls and my curvy girls lol. Luckily I found the perfect dress that is one seam!!! The wedding is mostly DIY, so they were perfect. here's a link to the website I used. http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2008/05/how_to_sew_a_oneseam_convertib.html

and this is what one finished looks like. All the girls will get to decide on the way they wear it.

So then the decision was what shoes are they going to wear??? Well my sister being the fashionista she is came up with a perfect idea. Nude shoes! They can wear with them with anything so the will be useful later and they are popular this season which makes them easy to find.

Dresses photo 2 Dresses photo 3 Dresses photo 4

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For my wedding color I wanted to go with orange

Flowers photo 1 

something like this, springy and bright. Well, my MOH Anna  is strawberry blonde

Flowers photo 2

so as you can see...orange doesn't work very well. So another one of my bridesmaids suggested using multiple colors which I thought was perfect for spring.

Flowers photo 3 blue for Anna

Flowers photo 4 orange for April (got to keep my orange)

Flowers photo 5 pink for Alison

Flowers photo 6 yellow for Taylor

These aren't the exact flowers I used but you get the idea. For my bouquet its just orange and white. The BM's flowers are mixed of each color. Keeping the main color of the wedding orange. :) The GM's that are paired with each girl will wear a tie that matches the girl's dress.


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Danny and I went to high school together, but I was in the ninth grade when he graduated. Becuase we were in the band together, we knew each other. A little over a year after I graduated, he sent me a friend request on facebook and asked if I wanted to go fishing. We went out that Friday night and have been together ever since.