Aug 12, 2011

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I am oh so very proud to say that the wedding was amazing and I am now Mrs. Dirrett!!!  Never in a million years would I have drempt of having a perfect wedding, but between our wonderful guests, my handsome hubby in his smashing brown tux, amazing food, wedding crashers in drag, and sunny weather, it really was perfect :).  

I woke up to the sound of tweety birds on my patio at 8 AM, and hopped in the shower to shave my cactus legs.  My dear FI was still sleeping in the bedroom, so I tried my hardest to do my "holy criminy I'm getting married today!" celebration dance, but managed to wake my bear up anyway.  We shared a very long "I can't believe we're getting married today!" hug and then went our seppparate ways as he had to get his GM's in line and pick up a few minor wedding items.  While FI went on his marital missions, I loaded up my car with all of the wonderful DIY projects, wine, sangria, champagne, and my MOH Christa and we took off for the Oregon Coast, to drop off our carload and get our hair done.  Our wonderful photographer and friend Chris met us at the salon and got to work capturing our beautifying and making all of us laugh our patooties with his witty banter, which completely got rid of my pre-wedding nervs :).  After our curls set and my hair flower was carefully attached, Christa and I headed off to the venu.  FI and I spent the next 2 hours trying to avoid bumping into each other to appease the more traditional BMs while helping the venue planner set up for the ceremony and reception.  I absolutely adore Judy at Stone Crest Cellars, by the way, she took care of ever last detail herself to make sure that our day was perfect.  Next it was time to slip everyone into their dresses!!  All my girls looked  so beautiful, my dress fit me like a glove, (especially with my padded bra inserts), and our flower girls were twirling around in their little bubble skirts with glee and excitement..........Then after 10 minutes of waiting for Judy to grab us, we lined up with the GM's and got everyone organized for the walk down the stairs and then down the isle.  The wind had picked up slightly and began to toss my chapel length veil around like a flimsy leaf, and then proceeded to get tangled around the railing of the stairs coming down from the upper deck, but as soon as I got my first glimpse of my husband to be standing at the alter none of that mattered.  I was about 200 feet from him, but I could see him grinning from ear to ear like a little school boy, standing so proudly after being able to walk all the way down there without any assistance from a wheel chair or cane.  I can't remember if I had ever felt this happy as I walked down the stairs on the arm of my papa, and was floating on air as we made the dreamy journey down the isle over carefully strewn rose petals, with all of our closest family and friends looking on with happy smiles of their faces.  As we said our vows and exchanged rings I couldn't stop shaking with delight and had the goofiest grin on my face.  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, to be pronounced husband asnd wife was the sweetest reward for all that FI and I had been through together.  The rest of the day was filled with much celebrating, toasting (my Hubby, MOH and Best man gave the best speeches of the day), dancing, eating, hugging, drinking, singing (one of the flower girls friends got up and sang us a song with plnned choreography!), bubble blowing and sunset watching, I really could not have asked for a better day.  Our gests started to trickle out at 9:30 pm, some to go home and sleep, and others (the wedding party) to go find local bars in which to continue the celebration.  My new hubby and I on the other hand, thought about taking a nice hot bath for 30 seconds, but then fell asleep on each other before we were even out of our wedding clothes :)  I am the happiest bride ever!!!!!

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Here we are at the court house getting our marriage liscence!!  I was so excited that I forgot to press the floor number in the elevator to get us home, and instead shared a really nice huggy moment with FI, soon to be hubby!  Oh my goodness, 6 more days ladies!

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We fell in love with Stone Crest Cellars (South Beach, Oregon), as soon as we laid eyes on her.  It was the first venue we checked out, only went to one more, and decided immediately two hours later that we had found our venue.  Here are some pictures from their website:


Our Venue photo 1


Our Venue photo 2


Our Venue photo 3

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Hello PW Ladies!

My amazing fiance, William, and I are getting married on August 12th 2011, and are so very excited for the big day.  I am doing the majority of the planning and coordinating, but William has been a fantastic source of inspiration, comfort and level headedness during the wedding planning period, I couldn't ask for a better partner.  Finding Project Wedding has been a huge help, especially in terms of venting issues over the Boards.  Just chatting with other brides about whatever has kept me feeling joyful and has replenished my creative energy.  I look forward to meeting and chatting with you!


Best wishes,



Our Story:

William and I met 6 years ago while we were taking a CPR class together for work at Home Life Inc (a company that help disabled adults out in the community and in group homes).  We were both psych majors at the time, and had lots of things in common (taste in movies (Star Wars!), music (Drop Kick Murpheys), food (all fodds!)).  The only thing we didn't hav in common is that he was single and I was 1 month away from getting married.  I asked for his number at the end of our class after he had made me laugh almost the whole five hours (our dummie's lungs never seemed to work quite right, in fact they were explosive), but then after he dropped me off at home I decided that becoming friends with a new boy would not be good for my curent relationship, and our paths ended up going separate ways.  2 years later I was newly devorced and back working at Home Life.  William was still working at the same group as he was when I last saw him, and I ended up working there too.  One night when I was watching over one of our clients up at the local hospital, William came to visit me.  We took a short walk around the hospital grounds to get some fresh air, and upon seeing him to the elevator on his way home, he truend around, just as the elevator doors were opening and said "I'm going to keep you someday".  That was it for me, I fell head over heals madly in love, and that incredible love has been growing exponentially eversince :)


The Engagement!!

William and I had been serriously dating for nearly 2 years (November 20th is our dating anniversary), when the preposal came along.  Without me having any idea, William set up a serries of meetings with my dad to get to know him a little better and win him approval for the marriage.  After my dad gave his blessing William and 2 of our closest friends planed a lovely breakfast train ride adventure up in Hood River Oregon for August 15th 2010.  I had been on several train trips in Europe, but nothing as romantic and parent free as this, so I was excited as all get out.  On the morning of the 15th the four of us drove to the Hood River train station.  Once we arrived and got our tickets for the train, our friend Geoph started filming our adventure, beginning with me squealing with delight over having the train ticket in my hand.  A few monents after that William pulled me asside and asked me to get his phone out of his pocket (he was in a car accident that did some serrious nerve damage in his right arm, so I was used to helping him out in these kinds of situations).  I reached into his pocket and found the phone........but also a little square box!!!  I couldn't believe it, so I left the box in his pocket and put his phone in my purse.  Then, with a shy look on his face William told me that I could take the box out of his pocket, and inside I found the most beautiful diamond ring, and tears just started streamig down my face (as you can gather from the pictures that our friend Christa took :).  I was so caught up in the moment that I forgot to say "Hell Yes!!!" out loud, so it's a good thing our friend Geoph, while filming asked us "so what just happened kids?!", and before he could finish what ever else he was going to ask I screamed out "YES!! I said yes".  The whole day was bliss; We had a wonderful brunch on the train, unlimited mamosa tickets were purchased and as we were pulling away from the station our conductor announced out engagement to the whole cabin, which was met with cheers and congratulations.  I couldn't have asked for a better proposal!



Life as We Know it :)

William and I have been together through a huge range of wonderful and difficult life experiences.  The fortuante thing is that our individual heartaches have tradded off, so he can be my rock when I need it and I can be his.  About 2 months after we started dating my mom passed away.  I was utterly devastated and beside myself (still am at times, eventhough it's been nearly 3 years since she passed), but William just threw his arms around me and was always asking what he could do to make things better.  Between him, my dad and my wonderful family and friends I became a stronger and more compassionate woman through all of it, for which I am truely grateful.  On William's end, he was born with scoliosis and has had to deal with a number of life altering sugeries to help him live life to it's fullest.  His most recent surgery, a 7 1/2 hour cervical spine surgery, took place on March 30th of this year, and he doing wonderfully!!  We've had many discussions about what we wanted to do with our future should the surgery leave him impaired in some way (any spinal surgery, especially one like his, will leave you exposed to the possibility that paralysis might be one of the results), which always eneded up in me saying "My dearest sweetheart, I have decided to stick with you no matter what, and love you with my whole heart no matter what, so we shall live our life to it's fullest and make each other laugh and smile everyday, and love each other as much as is humanly possible".....or something to that effect, probably with some choking up and small tears.  Now that his surgery is complete and his body has accepted all of the implants so far, my appreciation of life and our relationship has increased 1000000000000 fold and I feel so blessed to be with such an amazing man.  We are even more excited to be planning this wedding, and talks of the honeymoon are all the more sweet as we know that William will be able to do all of the physical activities involved in honey mooning (ziplining, hiking, boudoiring ;), by the time next May rolls around.  I'm so happy and proud of us!!!!