Jun 04, 2011

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About Our Wedding photo 1

Cathedral Basilica of the Immacluate Conception
1530 Logan St.
Denver, CO 80203


About Our Wedding photo 2

Grand Hyatt Pinnacle Club
1750 Welton St.
Denver, CO 80202

Wedding Party

Agatha's Attendants
  • Nell Pietrzyk, Maid Of Honor
    Cousin of Bride
  • Carol Trujillo-Fay, Bridesmaid
    Friend of Bride
  • Kathleen Millican, Bridesmaid
    Friend of Bride
  • Kimberly Millican, Bridesmaid
    Friend of Bride
  • Jessica Ruyle, Bridesmaid
    Friend of Bride
Aaron's Attendants
  • Christopher Maki, Best Man
    Brother of Groom
  • Greg Maki, Groomsman
    Cousin of Groom
  • Paul Luszpak, Groomsman
    Brother of Bride
  • Mark Hwang, Groomsman
    Friend of Groom
  • Abraham Qavi, Groomsman
    Friend of Groom
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About the Bride

Agatha was born in Duszniki Zdroj, Poland but grew up in Denver, Colorado and considers the majestic land of the Rocky Mountains her home. Agatha can be described as caring, hard-working, and always eager to learn new things. Agatha learned the value of hard-work early in life and always strives to do her best in all her endeavors.  After graduating from Grandview High School in 2003, she went on to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder to prepare her to pursue her dream of attending medical school. Her research opportunities at CU-Boulder sparked her interest in neursocience research, and she decided to aim for a route more suited for her revised academic goals. In 2007, she earned a B.A. in molecular, cellular, and development biology from CU-Boulder and accepted admission to a dual degree program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she would earn her MD alongside a PhD in neuroscience (and meet her future husband =)). Although her academic dreams took her far from home, she was fortunate to find Aaron, whose character, intelligence, and values were exactly what she was looking for in a life-long mate. In the valuable free time she gets, Agatha enjoys spending time with Aaron, friends, and her Birman cat Sophie. She is very close to her family and is excited to start a family with Aaron in the near future.

About the Groom

Aaron was born and raised in Red Wing, Minnesota, a peaceful small town on the Mississippi River. Aaron always enjoyed playing sports, was an avid reader, and genuinely loved to learn new things in school. After graduating from Red Wing High School in 2003 and upon entering college, Aaron's academic goals were to become an engineer. But shortly after learning about medicine as a career during orientation, Aaron got fascinated with medicine, and decided he would pursue a medical career. He went on to study biomedical engineering at Michigan Tech University. While in Houghton, he worked as a Resident Assistant, served on the Student Government, and always enjoyed biking, swimming, and running in the beautiful Keewenaw Peninsula. After working in a bone research lab, he decided his interests lie more in clinical research. In 2007, Aaron earned a B.S. in biomedical engineering and accepted admission to the same dual degree program as Agatha (although he hadn't met her yet) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he would earn his MD alongside a PhD in bioengineering (and meet his future wife =)). In his spare time, Aaron enjoys reading, going places (especially long trips =)) with Agatha, and hanging out with friends.



How We Met

We met in August 2007, within a few days of arriving in Champaign, IL where we would both be spending nearly a decade of our life in a dual degree program called the Medical Scholars Program (MD/PhD program) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We really hit if off at an annual retreat put on by the program at a retreat center called Allerton, where we spent time getting to know each other and other members of our class.
Although Aaron was shy at first, Agatha knew that there was something special about him. As a matter of fact, he had all the qualities and values that she found important in a man worthy to call her husband. In the weeks to come, they found themselves hanging out more in group settings and getting to know each other better. It was after one particular group get-together that it all started. Agatha and her roommate hosted a dinner party that went into the wee hours of the night. Aaron had biked and after many attempts at trying to convince Agatha he could bike home at 2am, Agatha was adamant that he should get a ride home. Someone kindly volunteered, and he took the offer. Agatha suggested he come over the next day to spend some time with her and get his bike. He kept his word, but didn't stay long. Agatha asked him to call me when he got home, to ensure me he got there safe and sound. It was this particular phone call that compelled Aaron to ask Agatha out on a date. He knew Agatha was single and he had to work quickly to get the girl of his dreams. He simply asked "would you like to go out on a date with me?." However, there was something very special to Agatha about the way he asked her out. There had been so many instances in Agatha's dating life where it was not clear to her whether a guy was asking her out on a date or simply asking her to "hang-out". Therefore, it meant a lot to Agatha that Aaron was a man who was straightforward and honest from the start, and as she would later learn a true "man of conviction". To Agatha, Aaron was a "keeper". 
September 8th, 2007 marks our first date. We went to a nice restaurant called Radio Maria's and spent a lovely, yet rainy evening walking around downtown Champaign and Salsa dancing. That date marks the start of a relationship we both knew would last for the rest of our lives.

Engagement Story

Agatha's Story
We had decided to do something special for Valentine's Day 2010. Since Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday, being the gentleman that he is, Aaron let me plan a weekend trip to Chicago. I could do anything my heart desired. The only catch was that he had made dinner plans in Champaign for the evening of Valentine's day, and therefore, we had to be back before then. This was rather unusual behavior, as Aaron doesn't like to keep secrets from me. But I definitely thought it was a romantic gesture, so I went along with it. I had wanted to go the Field Museum ever since I moved to Illinois, so we decided to go there on Saturday, Feb. 13. There was an exhibit about diamonds that just opened that weekend, and I was definitely interested in going to see that. We arrived in Chicago early in the afternoon and spent a few hours at the exhibit and got a chance to explore other parts of the Field Museum. Later that evening, we had planned to go to PF Chang's in downtown Chicago, one of my favorite restaurant. After a lovely evening in downtown Chicago, we spent the night at the Hilton Chicago.
The next day was Valentine's day! In retrospect, the day started out just perfect. We went to get breakfast at the Hilton Hotel and spent the latter of the morning/early afternoon atop the Sear/Willis Tower, with breathtaking views. After returning home to Champaign, we quickly got ready to go to mass and then to the mystery restaurant. The restaurant that Aaron had made reservations at was Radio Maria's, the exact same restaurant that we had gone to on our first date, 2.5 years prior. We spent most of the dinner reminiscing about our relationship. After dinner, we went to see the movie "Valentine's Day", which I thought was the perfect way to end a great Valentine's Day weekend. But little did I know what was waiting for me! After we came back to my apartment, we exchanged presents. When it was time for Aaron to give me my present, he told me that he needed a few minutes to prepare, so I went to my bedroom and occupied myself with email. At this point, I thought something must be up, as he was acting rather covertly. When I walked out of my room, my dining room table was set with beautiful roses, candles, champagne, and a scrapbook that Aaron had made summarizing our relationship over the past 2.5 years. A few looks through the scrapbook and tears started welling up in my eyes. I looked at Aaron and he proceeded to get down on his knee and read a speech that just melted my heart. When he asked me "will you marry me?", I looked at him, sobbing now, and said "yes!". Aaron presented me with a beautiful diamond ring (which I later learned later he had purchased months prior).

For Agatha, the proposal and the weekend leading up to it, was more perfect than I ever imagined it would be!

For Aaron, he was relieved it was over, but also very happy I said yes!

Picture on top of the Sears/Willis Tower on 2-14-10!
(He popped the question just a few hours after, after
our romantic dinner/movie date! =))