Sep 10, 2011

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Feeling very reminiscent today, I miss hanging out on PW! It's a month away from my first year anniversary, and I have been so busy this last year. I am busy juggling work and school, and DH has been working long hours at work. Our wedding day was truly the most magical, special, and love-filled day of my life, and I cannot believe it's already been 11 months now.

Thank you to every bride you posted inspo pics, helped me decide on random insignificant (to me now ;) ) details, ooh-ed and awe-ed over my photos, and encouraged me over time I spent planning the wedding. 

Thanks PW photo 1

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Pro Pics Reception photo 1Pro Pics Reception photo 2Pro Pics Reception photo 3Pro Pics Reception photo 4Pro Pics Reception photo 5Pro Pics Reception photo 6Pro Pics Reception photo 7Pro Pics Reception photo 8

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DH's family:

Pro Pics Family photo 1

From left, his aunt, unlce, grandpa, gramma, us, his parents, brother and sister in law, brother, and 3 cousins.

Pro Pics Family photo 2 My new grandparents! love them.

Pro Pics Family photo 3 With his parents and brothers.

Pro Pics Family photo 4With my FIL & MIL.

Pro Pics Family photo 5 DH and his Brothers

Pro Pics Family photo 6 DH and MIL.

My Family:

Pro Pics Family photo 7

from left: my brother, SIL, uncle, dad, mom, (nephews in front), FG(sister), DH and I, RB (nephew), gramma (next to dh) sister, brother, sister, and more nephews in front. whew!

Pro Pics Family photo 8

with my brothes and sisters and gramma

Pro Pics Family photo 9 all 6 brothers and sisters together! (has never happened before my wedding)

Pro Pics Family photo 10

Pro Pics Family photo 11 my parents :)

Pro Pics Family photo 12 my momma :)

Pro Pics Family photo 13 my mom, me and my gramma


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Pro Pics Ceremony photo 1Pro Pics Ceremony photo 2Pro Pics Ceremony photo 3Pro Pics Ceremony photo 4Pro Pics Ceremony photo 5Pro Pics Ceremony photo 6Pro Pics Ceremony photo 7Pro Pics Ceremony photo 8Pro Pics Ceremony photo 9Pro Pics Ceremony photo 10Pro Pics Ceremony photo 11Pro Pics Ceremony photo 12

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Pro pics Bride Groom photo 1Pro pics Bride Groom photo 2Pro pics Bride Groom photo 3Pro pics Bride Groom photo 4Pro pics Bride Groom photo 5Pro pics Bride Groom photo 6Pro pics Bride Groom photo 7Pro pics Bride Groom photo 8Pro pics Bride Groom photo 9Pro pics Bride Groom photo 10Pro pics Bride Groom photo 11Pro pics Bride Groom photo 12

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Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 1Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 2Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 3Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 4Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 5Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 6Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 7Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 8Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 9Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 10Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 11Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 12Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 13Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 14Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 15Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 16Pro Pics Bridal Party photo 17