Jan 24, 2012

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The Elite Of All Centerpieces

Take your guests to a new level of excitement. From an elegant, white wedding to a fun and colorful neon birthday party, your centerpieces will be absolutely dazzling.

Select from 2 different styles

1. 36 inch spandex vase with beautiful ostrich feathers tower high above your guests. Completed centerpiece is 54-56 inches tall. Your choice of a lighted or non-lighted vase. You may choose from numerous matching colored spandex and ostrich feathers or a combination of colors.

2. 24-36 inch Mardi Gras party style spandex covered stand with feathers and two Punchinello or Venetian masks per centerpiece, a popular choice which will raise the bar of your event to a new level. See under “rental prices” link for photos.

Booking your event date

It is very important to book your date with us, as soon as possible. If you are booking a Full Service Setup, We are limited to one event per week. If your rental is a Do-It-Yourself where we ship to your location, it is still very important to book as soon possible. Our spandex covers are custom made per rental order and take time to produce. This way we can provide you with the best level of service.