Jul 03, 2009

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My SHOES photo 1My SHOES photo 2

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Cake, Pink, White, Wedding, Black, Buttercream, Round, Stacked, Graceful cake creations

Our cake is from Rossmoor Pastries... The top layer and bottom layer will be marble cake with french vanilla bavarian creme filling... the other two layers will be white and chocolate cake with dulce de leache bavarian creme!

The ribbon will be red, and the decorations will be black. There will be an M monogram on top!

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His Tux photo 1

Mens Warehouse for $109! Includes everything!! FI will wear A white tie...the GM will wear a red tie!

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Flowers photo 1Flowers photo 2

I keep changing my mind!! AHH!! Well I think we might go with something like this! Not sure yet!! AHH!


My bouquet:


Flowers photo 3  Flowers photo 4


Bridesmaid bouquets:

Flowers, Bouquet, Red

A month before me wedding Kristeen showed my a bouquet by treasured petals:


Flowers photo 5

Then after searching the ( ) treasured petals blog I found this centerpiece! It was love at first sight! I loved them- but was upset bc we only had a $500 flower budget- but thanks to PW- I found Mhudnall and she is crafty and agreed to do my flowers! They were amazing! 

So here is my inspiration! 



Pro pics of my flowers!

Flowers photo 6Flowers photo 7Flowers photo 8Flowers photo 9Flowers photo 10Flowers photo 11Flowers photo 12Flowers photo 13Flowers photo 14Flowers photo 15Flowers photo 16Flowers photo 17





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Wedding, HairHair

Make up: and MU Inspiration photo 1










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  • 12 or More Months Before
    • Determine potential dates and times for your wedding.
    • Decide on the size, formality and setting of your wedding.
    • Create a wedding and engagement budget.
    • Reserve the locations for your wedding and reception.
    • Meet with and book your wedding officiant or clergy.
    • Choose your wedding party and confirm the participants.
    • Draw up an initial guest list.
    • Organize your engagement party.
  • 9–12 Months Before
    • Order your wedding dress and attendants’ attire.
    • Book your photographer and videographer.
    • Reserve a caterer.
    • Book your live entertainment or DJ.
    • Reserve your florist.
    • Register your gift choices at your favourite stores.
    • Research accommodation for out-of-town guests.
    • Plan your honeymoon.
  • 6–9 Months Before
    • Decide on your menu.
    • Check marriage licence requirements.
  • 3–6 Months Before
    • Make an appointment with your hairdresser.
    • Choose your wedding rings.
    • Order your wedding cake.
    • Order your invitations and any other stationery.
    • Reserve the men’s wedding attire.
  • 2 Months Before
    • Decide on your wedding vows or compose your own.
    • Finalize your order with the florist.
    • Finalize the reception menus.
    • Finalize guest list
    • Mail the invitations.
    • Confirm the wedding details with the musicians and clergy or officiant.
    • Have the programs printed.
    • Purchase gifts for parents and attendants.
    • Make appointments for nails and make-up.
    • Schedule final dress fitting.
    • Choose outfits for mother of the bride and mother of the groom.
  • 1 Month Before
    • Apply for a marriage licence.
    • Plan the rehearsal dinner.
    • Meet with photographer 
  • 2 Weeks Before
    • Draft the speeches.
    • Finalize reception details.
    • Call any guests who have not replied.
    • Meet with your hairdresser and make-up artist for consultation.
    • Deliver song lists to musicians or playlists to DJ.
  • 1 Week Before
    • Finalize seating plan.
    • Determine the order for the procession.
    • Have your rehearsal.
    • Confirm accommodation reservations.
    • Pick up the attire for the groomsmen.
    • Confirm the final numbers with the caterer.
    • Confirm details with the limousine company.
    • Deliver your marriage licence to the officiant.
    • Draw up a seating arrangement for the reception and write out the place cards.
    • Write any checks required for the wedding day.
  • On the Day
    • Give the wedding bands to the best man.
    • Give the best man any cheques that need to be given out that day.
    • Present the attendants and parents with their gifts.
    • Relax and enjoy your special day!

After the Wedding

  • Make a gift list and send out your thank-you notes.
  • Send thank-you letters to suppliers and attendants.
  • Arrange for cleaning and preservation of your gown.