Jul 03, 2009

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I want pearls of course- so I just made this inspiration board!

Day of jewelry photo 1

I loved the Dana Saylor Jewelry- but not the price! So my friend made me replicas! I bought the brooch of ebay for like $20 and the faux pearls and stuff at a bead store. Total: $35! 


Day of jewelry photo 2RESERVED FOR JuneDamaskBride



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Vendors List: 

Venue: Ceremony and Reception

Point Vicente Interpretive Center- Rancho Palos Verdes





b-Pics: Beth

Flowers: DYI- or the LA flower mart...

Officiant: FI's Grandfather

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In France, during the reception the couple often uses a toasting cup called a “Coupe de Marriage.” (In fact, the origin of giving a toast began in France when a small piece of toast was dropped into the couple’s wine to ensure a healthy life. Hence the reference to lifting your glass in a “toast.”) Instead of lighting a unity candle, you might consider sipping from a Coupe de Marriage once the ceremony is complete, thereby signifying your new status as a couple

We like this tradition! We didnt want sand, or a unity candle... we really like this! Ideas photo 1


For the outside of our venue we want globe lights strung and lots of paper latnterns attached! Here is my inspiration!

Ideas photo 2

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Well at least part of it... My MOH..BFF since 7th grade....  (not the dude in the back!)

 Wedding Party photo 1

my other bff since 7th grade... i had to make her my BM...

 Wedding Party photo 2

BM # 2 my "partner" east coast bff... known 3 years! 

Wedding Party photo 3

still thinking about my # 3 BM.. 


Best Man... MY Fi college bf and frat bro 

Wedding Party photo 4

FI needs to make up his mind about the others...


My ring barer! I have taken care of this lil guy for 3 years! He will almost be 4 for our wedding! I love him so much! This was last summer! 

Wedding Party photo 5

Only one of my nieces will be my flower girl! I have 6 all together... eh it was hard but she will be almost 4 also...  and she is number 4 of 5 just like me.. sooo.. this was also last summer! I love her too! 

Wedding Party photo 6

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Inspiration Board photo 1

red purple gold inspiration board

retro red white black inspiration board