Jun 25, 2011

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Our wedding in June is going to be a fairly small (maybe 30 people in attendance at the most) and semi-casual affair, but we still want to make it as nice as possible. So, even though the tablecloths for our reception will be plastic, and the plates paper, I wanted to at least make everything look like a classy wedding.

Since we're both writers and met because of our writing, we're also having a literary-themed wedding. And, well, inspiration struck one day about doing a literature-themed paper placemat using some of our favorite romantic quotes (lots of Austen, Bronte, and even, um, several of my fave quotes from the Twilight series--which FI likes to tease me about. lol. There are also quotes from Shakespeare, Nicholas Sparks, The Bible, and more)

After narrowing them down, I opened up my graphics program and went to work. I used size 14 font for all but used different font styles for each, as well as varied the centering (some were centered, some were left justified, and others were right).

I made the background on these ivory to match our color scheme, and then printed them out onto legal sized paper (using a copier, not an inkjet, so the colors won't run). Anyway, I love these so much more than the generic paper placemats I was originally going to use.

DIY Placemats photo 1


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My fiance and I have both been married before. His wife cheated on him and ended up marrying the other guy, and my ex... well, let's just say that it has taken a lot of therapy to erase the years of abuse. :(  As awful as the marriage was, it did produce two awesome kids, so I can't regret it too much.

Fast forward to a little over a year ago...

My fiance and I met online and have pretty much been obsessed with each other ever since! :) He makes me feel safer than I've ever been. He makes me feel more cherished and loved than I ever thought possible. And he makes my dreams come true every single day.

On June 25th, 2011, we'll finally get to say our I DOs, and I couldn't be more excited.

<3 <3 <3