Oct 22, 2011

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     Every little girl dreams of meeting their prince and wearing a Cinderella ballgown.. To have every person look at you as if you were the most beautiful girl in the entire world and wish they were in your shoes.. To dance so fluently and gracefully in a magical ballroom.. and to end the night with your knight in shining armor who shall love you for eternity.

     I find myself with a man who makes my heart beat a thousand times faster when I see him. A man who can turn any frown to a sparkling smile. He is the man of many womens dreams and I was fortunate enough to find him. My promise to this man is to give him my heart and loyalty in return.

     Miguel and I became a couple January 16, 2009. As of July 2010, we found out that we were going to be first time parents. Our little Adabelle Sophia Concepcion is due March 17, 2011. Miguel and I decided that since we're having a daughter, we should be married. I married miguel on one stipulation because having a court wedding was not in my favor. Miguel promised me that we would have a wedding this same year (2011) and we are. We booked this gorgeous location in Loveland Ohio.

     A little more about Miguel and I. We both work for The Bank of Kentucky. I'm a teller for one of the branches and he's a Branch Manager. We have a dog named Duke (german shepherd/husky mix) and a kitty named Bella. I'm sure you're wondering where Miguel is from since his name is foreign. Miguel is from Puerto Rico. He moved to Miami, FL with much of his family and later moved here to Kentucky when he was 24. Now he is 26 and very ready for the family life which i'm excited for as well!!We LOVE hanging out with friends at home to play cards, xbox, apples to apples. We're all about friends and family.

     I am petrified my wedding won't be as I've always hoped. Now that Adabelle is almost here, we're tight on funds, we're both in school.. I'm just nervous it's not going to come out the way I dreamed. When I found this website, I was very pleased with all the DIY projects. I've already planned out with Miguel some things i've seen on here. I entered for bridesmaids dresses give-away which would be a tremendous help to the budget for my girls who are unsure if they can afford to be in my wedding. I'm sure things will turn out great even with just friends and family around.