Oct 07, 2012

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Hello everyone!  My name is Loren, I got engaged on July 11, 2010 to, my now fiance, Brandon.  We will celebrate our wedding day on October 21, 2012.  We will be together 3 years on October 10, 2012.  So far we are working on finding a house for ourselves.

How we met.

I was working at a video store at the time.  Brandon and our friends Chris and Shawn came up to say hi to me.  That was the first time I ever saw or met Brandon.  Because Chris had a crush on me, he told Brandon he couldn't talk to me.  So the whole time they were visiting me, Brandon tried to keep his distance.  I wasn't gonna let that happen, so I kept trying to ask him questions.  Chris kept trying to take my focus off Brandon and on to him.  After a little while, my sister Ashley came in to my work to bring me something to eat.  She started talking to the guys and my work buddies.  She started talking to Brandon and eventually told me she liked him in front of Chris.  She said, "I like him, you should date him."  I looked at Brandon and said, "What do you think Brandon?"  He said, "Um, ya I guess?"  He didn't really know what to say, because of Chris.  After work I called Shawn to go hangout with them, just so I could possibly get Brandon's phone number.  But the whole time, Shawn started kind of getting in the way of me asking.  After no luck, I went home with no phone number.  Shawn was texting me about hanging out and that he liked me too, but I told him I liked Brandon.  So he completely understood and told me he would talk to Brandon the next day.  Sure enough, Shawn text me the next day and asked me if he could give Brandon my phone number.  Our first date was at Yorktown Beach.  We talked about everything.  At the end of the fishing pier, Brandon turned me around and kissed me for the first time that night.  We've been inseparable and very much in love since that day.