Jul 03, 2011

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I'm so excited about the flowers, they're exactly what I want! I wanted all different mixes of purple flowers for mine, so it will look like these...

Bouquets boutonnieres and corsages photo 1

.Bouquets boutonnieres and corsages photo 2

And I want this exact bouquet for the bridesmaids: mini white calla lillies surrounded by small purple filler flowers. The ones we get will be more of a deep purple though. The bridesmaids dresses are about the same color shown in the picture.

 Bouquets boutonnieres and corsages photo 3

For the guys we debated about even doing boutonnieres since I think pocket squares look so much cleaner. But my mom informed me we had to have them so we picked something contemporary and small. These orchids are super tiny so it's just a little something. I actually really love this.

 Bouquets boutonnieres and corsages photo 4


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Some of the pictures that I look at quite often for my inspiration...if only there were an unlimited budget!

Forest Inspiration photo 1Forest Inspiration photo 2Forest Inspiration photo 3

Colors: Eggplant purple, silver, white and bringing in green only with the natural elements

Forest Inspiration photo 4

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So I've narrowed it down to three cakes that I LOVE. There are things I like about each one but I just don't know which direction to go. Do I go more abstract and artsy to complement the art museum venue? Or do I go more earthy and natural to complement my overall theme? Here are my three choices. The FI likes the first one so we'll probably go that route so he has some input.

Cake Decisions photo 1Cake Decisions photo 2Cake Decisions photo 3

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I'd like to give a HUGE shoutout to my fantastic photographer, Mrs. Andi Grant (www.andigrantphotography.com). I've always wanted to do a whimsical "fairy-ish" theme for photos, so here they are! I think they turned out great. We're also going to do a more traditional and casual shoot to keep my mom happy, which I totally don't mind. More pictures :) For our guest book we're doing a coffee table book of our pictures with space for the guests to sign, so the more different types of pictures we have the better.

I also want to thank the fabulous Lindsey Hocker at Simply Perfect Events for helping with the design and hair/makeup for the woodsy ones.

First Engagement Shoot photo 1First Engagement Shoot photo 2First Engagement Shoot photo 3First Engagement Shoot photo 4First Engagement Shoot photo 5First Engagement Shoot photo 6First Engagement Shoot photo 7First Engagement Shoot photo 8First Engagement Shoot photo 9First Engagement Shoot photo 10First Engagement Shoot photo 11First Engagement Shoot photo 12First Engagement Shoot photo 13First Engagement Shoot photo 14First Engagement Shoot photo 15First Engagement Shoot photo 16First Engagement Shoot photo 17First Engagement Shoot photo 18

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The bridesmaid dresses were actually more difficult to decide on. Given the many different body types, I was really trying to find something that everyone would be happy with. After debating about short vs. long for months I finally settled on long to keep up the whimsical feel and to make all the girls comfortable. The dress is from Maya Couture in Norfolk, VA and the dress is Impression Bridals style 1775 in eggplant (the middle one).

The lovely Bridesmaid dresses photo 1The lovely Bridesmaid dresses photo 2

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So after many different mock-ups and experiments I decided on my first centerpiece. Yay! This will go on half the tables. The ghostwood is from Blooms and Branches and it was the most reasonable place I could find online to order from. At $15.00 for an 18" branch it's really not bad. My plum purple tablecloths are from www.cvlinens.com, and ironically it was actually cheaper for me to buy them instead of renting. I think it turned out really well!

My first centerpiece is done photo 1My first centerpiece is done photo 2My first centerpiece is done photo 3My first centerpiece is done photo 4

Not too shabby, right?