Nov 12, 2011

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Hi! Thanks for stopping by my to see my biography!  I am getting married in November 2011.  I plan on doing most of it myself, with the help of my great family and friends.  We live in a small town outside of St. Louis, MO.  That seems to be a big problem when it comes to finding venues and officiants. 

My man and I met a little over three years ago thru my sisters boyfriend.  We've been together pretty much ever since.  We made the decision to get married, there wasn't a proposal or anything like that.  But we have both known that we wanted to be married to each other.

We have many things left to accomplish in these short months left and sometimes it seems to be too much to handle.  But all it takes is a converstion or visit from a girlfriend( mom and sisters included!) to get my enthusiasm back up to freight train pace!  I really think the wedding planning process is a true test for your marriage!  If we can make it thru this, we will be just fine.


Well, back to planning I go!