Nov 27, 2011

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My invitations are most definitely inspired by Cuban/Puerto Rican travel posters! I love how colorful and fun they are, which totally matches FH and mine's personality! Since we're already married, we don't see the need to go traditional on our invitations. They're also very fitting because our BIG day will be a destination wedding. 

Invitations photo 1Invitations photo 2

I love that the invites have a little rumbera couple on the beach...I think they kinda look like us! hahaha. I bought these on Etsy from the wonderful pixelpaper.

Invitations photo 3

The RSVPs are postcards...

Invitations photo 4not sure how to black out text so I will not show the back f RSVP...too much personal info, sorry =(

The invites and RSVP will be tied together with twine, then tucked into a burlap baggie ordered from Etsy seller Dazzle0604. The baggie has a wooden heart with our initials and our date. I'm thinking about adding two little swarovksi crystals to either side of our initials for a little sparkle...

Invitations photo 5Invitations photo 6


We even have fun stamps to mail out our invitations! These are the Latin Music Legends stamps. Once again, colorful and fun, just like we like it!

Invitations photo 7

We won't be using the Selena stamp, not fitting for our theme.


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...will be our venue. It's located in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, right in between my hometown in Maunabo and Quique's hometown of San Juan. It's in the perfect spot and it's HUGE! 

The ceremony will be held outside, under a canopy, which I have yet to decide how I will decorate. Quique and I will get married under the middle canopy, and the guests will sit under the canopies that are located on either side of us. I think this is cool because we will be literally surrounded by our guests.

it would be awesome if they cut that little tree in the middle =/.

The cocktail hour will be held outside also, just a few steps away from the canopies, around the pool area, where there is a gorgeous view of the Las Piedras mountains. We will be serving typical cuban drinks, Mojitos and Cuba Libres with a variety of 5 different h'orderves.

The entrance to the Reception:

Green Palace Salon photo 1

the humongous bar. Right above the bar, there's a room where you can over look the entire reception. It has a bar and plenty of room for the bridal party to hang out and possibly even get ready in right before the ceremony. There is also a separate room that can be used as the honeymoon suite.

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Quique and I were married in simple Civil Ceremony in a South Carolina Courthouse on October 21, 2010. What made that day even more special was that Quique had just graduated Advanced Individual Training a few hours prior to our marriage; he became an official soldier and I became an official ARMY wife! It was a wonderful day! Both our mother's and my brother were present to share in our happiness and offered us plenty of love and support!


Our Civil Ceremony photo 1

Our Civil Ceremony photo 2

Our Civil Ceremony photo 3

Our Civil Ceremony photo 4

Our Civil Ceremony photo 5

Our Civil Ceremony photo 6

Our Civil Ceremony photo 7Our Civil Ceremony photo 8

Our Civil Ceremony photo 9

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It happened October 13, 2010. He had just enlisted in the ARMY and was sent off to Basic Combat Training for about 3 excrutiating months! All we had were hand written letters and short phone calls every Sunday to get us through. Needless to say, when the time came around for his BCT graduation, I was overflowing with excitement and nerves! I just couldn't wait to jump in his arms and kiss him again! 

Little did I know that he had something HUGE in store for me! After his graduation, we went back to my hotel. We cuddled and recapped what had been going on in our lives the past 3 months we had spent apart. All of a sudden he got really serious, almost a bit nervous and fidgety. He started to tell me how much he loved me and appreciated me for sticking with him and supporting him while he was gone....then he told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and then I heard him say, "Will you marry me?" And I assured him that yes I would marry him not realizing that he had a ring in his hand haha. He clears his throat and says gesturing at his hand, "No baby, Will you marry me?" My heart drops, I start sweating, my throat gets dry, I am absolutely freaking out! The only thing I could say after 30 seconds was "OH MY GOD WHAT??!!" I just couldn't believe what was happening!! It was totally unexpected! After asking "what?!" and saying "omg!" for about 5 minutes, I finally just through my arms around him and said, "YES!!!!!!" 

(more pix to come)

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It's so cliche, but he really is my bestfriend. My husband's name is Ramon Enrique Nazario or Quique. He's a private in the US ARMY who specializes in Human Resources. He's tall, dark, and oh so handsome =). He's also very intelligent, hilarious, sensitive, humble, generous, and caring. He's just perfect in my eyes.

We met December 27, 2008 at his mother's annual Christmas party in Humacao, Puerto Rico. We only made eye contact once that night and that was all it took for us to have an instant connection. Four days later, he attended my family's annual New Years party. We were too shy to talk to eachother, so my mother gave him my phone number haha. I'm glad she did though, because since then we've pretty much been inseperable. 

Just a few weeks later we were boyfriend and girlfriend, and on October 13, 2010 we became engaged!

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Jarielis, Jary for short, and i'm so so so excited about joining the Project Wedding community! I literally stalk this site everyday. I love reading the bio's and checking out the Real Wedding's of the week! This site is so inspirational and insightful. I'm just SO HAPPY I found it!

I'm a full-time Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing, with about a year and a half left to graduate! I'm currently planning a destination wedding in Puerto Rico, where my husband and I are originally from. Oh, and yes, I did mean husband. Quique (the hubby), and I were married about 5 months ago on October 21, 2010. It was a civil ceremony right after he graduated from ARMY AIT. Our second wedding is set to be Sunday, November 27, 2011.