Jul 21, 2008

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'Wedding photography is the life, and not in a trite way. I mean in the real way that life represents beauty and with that beauty, there is love. Being a wedding photographer is the best profession in the entire world. It isn't that I am just honored to document the most important day of a couple's life, but I am also able to meet the incredible friends and warm family that surround them, capture the moment of their pledging their vows and my embrace of the creamy wedding cake at the end of the night! Yes, indeed, this is the life.

Every couple starts with a moment. It could be the conversation over chai tea and obscure poetry, the sigh breathed when he first touched her hand, or when that girl enters the room, he smiles and says to his friends, 'That's her'. Every moment carries a special emotion with it.I found a peace when I could preserve these timeless moments with a click of my camera. The universe around me could be speeding by, but I could freeze time. Photography showed me that either a moment can pass by or could be captured to cherish endlessly.

I cry at every wedding. I know, it sounds silly, but when I notice the subtle way the groom touches her cheek during portraits, or during the father-daughter dance when he holds her so delicately, I get misty. It is true that a photographer has the skills to capture unscripted moments, tell the story of the day and lavishly document events as they unfold, but I think it is also important that the emotion of the day is captured as well. Surrounded by all the aromatic bouquets, bubbling champange, toe tapping music, and overflowing jubilee, there are two people that brought it all together: the wedding couple.

It is the experiencing and capturing the emotions of the newly married couple,their euphoria in those emotional moments that occurred and telling the story of how they've entered married life. It is my life to capturethat metamorphosis. It isn't just the moments you have in life; It is the moments you share. As a wedding photographer, it is my life todocument those moments. La vita e bella; la vita e amore. -- Life is beautiful; life is love.'