Nov 12, 2011

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My whole bio isn't private, but the details of the wedding are simply because of my nosy family :) lol. I would love to be friends so just add me up!



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I wanted to be a semi DIY bride because I like the fact that it's personalized and you can make it exactly how you want it. Also, I'm a believer that it will be cost effective. So here goes the list so far:

1. Centerpieces- embarking on a peacock feather "bouquet" submerged in water with chrystal beads at the bottom and LED lights. TBD We are doing fabric flowers! right now it's a feather pomander lol

2. Invitation- this is a semi DIY project. I hit up Michael's on Black Friday and got 200 invitations and rsvp cards for 100 bucks. I plan to add ribbon a wax seal and a peacock feather in the middle I've joined the pocketfold group! almost done! DONE and sent!!!

3. Menus- the invites have jackets and I will only end up using half of them for invites. so I plan to use the jackets for the menu, insert a different type of paper with the menu choices and seal it with the name card DONE!

5. Programs- My inspiration : DONE!!

Fold & fan programs :  wedding diy fan programs church catholic ceremony wedding service white ivory yellow silver ASP KDW11 116

6. Tears of Joy packets  DONE! I made a little over a hundred of them, I just put one of each ribbon combos below. IT FEELS SO GOOD TO CROSS SOMETHING OUT!

7. Table Cards

8. Seating chart/escort card

9. Boutonnieres  I only partially crossed this off because I still have the FOG/FOB and FI's bout but here are the groomsmen:

10. Pomanders(a maybe)

11. Notecards - went in our guest book

12. Memory cards- went in our guest book

13. BM hanger

14. Bridal suite/Groom suite door hanger nixxed

15. Garter

16. Bridal Bracelet

17. BM totes

18. Mom's bracelets

19. Mom's Bags

20. Something for dads

21. Wedding Guestbook

22. Bride and Groom Hanger

23. Cocktail Flags


and more more more!

I have started doing some mockups already but I need to start getting on it! Will post pics up soon for the update!


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My fiance and I live overseas, but our wedding will be where we used to live, in Norfolk Virginia. Planning a wedding from what I know is stressful, and it's been quite an experience doing everything overseas. Luckily, I have great friends and family so right now (operative word= now) I'm not too stressed. I've gotten a TON of great ideas from brides to be on here and will plan to use them!

To make our wedding more personal, I have decided to take on some DIY projects. I like the idea of looking at the reception room and thinking to myself, this is EXACTLY what I wanted. I've been looking at the DIY boards and have gotten some great ideas. I hope to meet other brides on here and share the projects and experiences! I would love to chat with some other brides to be!!

and FINALLY, my colors and style board:

My idea of what the wedding party will look like