Sep 26, 2009

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Here's two quick pictures taken before the ceremony. 

Pro pics to come in 8 weeks!

We re married photo 1

We re married photo 2

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With all our RSVP's received, I've completed the majority of the place cards.

They're simply gold board cut into a square shape and folded in half to stand on their own.

DIY Place Cards photo 1

DIY Place Cards photo 2

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Our wedding day is also fi's birthday so it definitely calls for an extra special gift.  I couldn't decide on just one thing I bought a box of goodies:


  • Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
  • Ralph Lauren wallet
  • Quicksilver t-shirt
  • Boudior photo book
  • Boxers (not pictured)
  • A love letter of sorts

All boxed up in a black box with a red ribbon.

A gift for Fi photo 1

A gift for Fi photo 2

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No wedding night is complete without some sexy lingerie.  While I was rushing out of the mall the other day this little number caught my eye in a lingerie store.  Ordinarily I would not have chosen this colour but actually looks really good.

A night to remember photo 1

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We decided on two white gold bands with princess cut, channel set diamonds.  Having three rings (two bands plus e-ring) meant having a nice enough space have a really special engraving.  This is what we went for:

Band 1 - "Ever thine"

E-ring - "Ever mine"

Band 2 - "Ever ours"

Wedding Bands photo 1

Wedding Bands photo 2

I'll post a picture of all the rings together once my e-ring is back from the jewellers (they forgot to have it  rhodium plated and polished).


I collected my engagement ring today, so here they all are together

Wedding Bands photo 3

Wedding Bands photo 4

Wedding Bands photo 5

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I insisted that I do my bridal shower invites.  I love working with paper so couldn't resist.

DIY Bridal Shower Invitations photo 1 

DIY Bridal Shower Invitations photo 2