Jun 09, 2007

Jennifer S Rau Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
The most difficult vendor to chose for your wedding is a photographer. They have the crucial role of documenting priceless memories. You put your faith in one person to capture the essence of the day; the emotion, the excitement, the decor you spent months perfecting. 800 plus photos later...I want to cry all over again...and I'm not a crier. I'm looking at photos of my husband and cannot believe my photographer got him to look so relaxed and natural (he hates photographs and all the fuss). Jennifer Rau has an amazing eye. Our wedding reception is on the beach but we bypass the usual scene. Our after-ceremony photos find their way to the nearby train tracks. Jen's idea. I spend months obsessed with the details that matter to me--only to miss them during all the commotion of the day. Jen photographs it all, the artichoke votives, the cauliflower in the arrangements, even the surf and turf before it was devoured (my husband is a chef thus the food theme). Jen also captures split second moments with her own unique artistic twist. Photos like a single pair of hands clasped above a sea of heads or my nephew of 3 years and his fascination with cameras. Needless to say, Jen is good...really good. But don't just take my word for it. You should always check out samples from all your vendors. Links: The 800+ photos are accessible through the "order prints" icon on the bottom right of slideshow. You don't need to order prints but do have to sign into Jen's guestbook to view more. Jen's comments. Anna and Greg, Del Mar, CA entry June 27th, 2007 engagement photos under "engagement favorites" look for the one with Louie, the hairless cat Good luck and enjoy the day!
Services used: Photography