Apr 19, 2013

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Our wedding photographer was having a contest on facebook where if you shared a photo each day for a week you got you name entered into a raffle each time to win a free portrait session with digital rights to 25 photos. Logan and I were both entering everyday and so was my MOH, a good friend from work, and my mom. Well my mom won! She gifted the session to us to use to our already scheduled Engagement Session. That saved us $250 that we were going to spend on a smaller package and we ended up winning a $400 package I originally wanted but couldn't afford.

If there are any Missouri Brides looking at this if you haven't booked your photographer yet I highly suggest D Coleman Photography.

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Love is Sweet photo 1

We had a cake tasting at AmyCakes

We Choose:

Vanilla Cake

Raspberry Filling

Peanut Butter Frosting I decided on vanilla so it would now look like my inspiration.



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 I don't think i've really introduced myself and FI on my bios so here it goes :) 

I'm Michelle (Elle) my fiance's name is Logan. We have been together since April 19th 2009, actually longer i would say very end of Februrary but "facebook official" lol was April. 

I'm 23

Logan is 24

I'm a student will be graduating in May 2012 Yaay with a bachelors of science in Public Relations and minor in mass communication. 

Logan is also a student but right now he is taking time off and paying off all of his loans he will be getting his degree in electrical engineering. 

Our wedding date Is April 19th, 2013 which is our 4 year anniversary of dating. 


wedding planning guide

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This is Riley she was born 2-16-10. I came home to my parents house after springbreak in March 2010 to find 3 puppies and a momma dog in our backyard, I was so confused I called my mom and she told me she rescued them from one of her employees house who had them living in a garage 

I knew I had to have one and I called and asked Logan if he was up for having a Black Lab and he agreed. 

At the end of June I come home from a weekend with FI to find out that Rileys sister had passed away and they didn't know why. I noticed Riley was starting to act sick so I took her to the vet immediately the vet ran tests and told me that Riley had parvo and we were really lucky to catch it as fast as we did. So all she had was a bunch of pills and and a fluid injected into her back She looked like a little camel. 

She's a very lucky happy healthy dog now.