Jan 28, 2006

A-List Makeup
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Never have I met an artist so talented yet true in nature and kindness. Make-up & Hair Artist Nina Duong is definitely talented-- always researching to bring out the best and beauty in almost any face and head she comes across. Meanwhile, Nina is angelic in all her dealings for the most complicated high maintenance to the easy-going types of people.

My name is Mindy Marie Vo and I act in local theatre and independent film productions. I had the joy and honor to meet "my personal and long life" Make-Up & Hair Artist as well as new friend Nina Duong recently on a film shoot. I watched Nina triumph over 10 actors in a few hours meanwhile having to change my hair and make-up 3 times on the the same film shoot day-- since I was playing lead actress.

I recall a simple yet deeply rooted small chat during the midst of her services.

Mindy asked, “Why do you choose to do make-up and hair?”

Nina answered, “Because if I can make people look beautiful and they become happy, then that makes me happy.”

This is one of the unselfish thoughts I don’t get to hear too often in this demanding and competitive society. As an artist myself (theatre/ film performer), I yearn to surround myself with artists who lead their actions with their hearts and souls. Nina is certainly a positive and nourishing influence to those who cross her path as she practices her crafts in her daily life.

I am personally thrilled to discover Artist Nina Duong both in make-up and hair. Never have I felt so beautiful and confident and at the same time-- so cared for in every way. Looking good has never been so purposeful and meaningful. Nina brings great depth to something seemingly so artificial and surface-level from a bird's eye. Through Nina, I learned to discover a love for the craft of just being and existing as me, myself, and I. I look forward to future services through the years with Artist Nina Duong.
Services used: Beauty & Health