Oct 01, 2011

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There are so many pictures we are missing from our reception.  I wish we had more pictures of outside, the photobooth and all our guests.  But here are a few "highlights" of our day.

First dance- Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Callait

Non Pros Reception photo 1

Non Pros Reception photo 2

Mother/Son- Simple Man Shinedown

Non Pros Reception photo 3

Non Pros Reception photo 4

Cupcake Tower!! The most amazing cupcake stand ever!! This was inspired by Alliesauce's cupcake stand.  It turned out Unbelievable! 

Non Pros Reception photo 5

Non Pros Reception photo 6

I got him back! All in his hair... sucka!

Non Pros Reception photo 7

Bouquet Toss- Only Girl by Rihanna

Non Pros Reception photo 8

Getting Ready for the Garter "Retrieval"... The Girl's "helping" me out.

Non Pros Reception photo 9

DH thinking he's so cool going for the garter!  Doing his cool guy dance.

Non Pros Reception photo 10

And he gets ICED!!!

Non Pros Reception photo 11

And gets a little crazy in front of the grandparents.

Non Pros Reception photo 12

Non Pros Reception photo 13

Guys get ready, look at Roberts little cousin... So cute with his hands out!

Non Pros Reception photo 14i

Bridesmaid catches the bouquet and sisters BF catches the garter... Then the DJ says "the higher up the leg the longer the marriage lasts..."

Non Pros Reception photo 15

So... He made sure we would last forever! I love everyone's faces in the background!!!

Non Pros Reception photo 16

Sweet Card DH recieved from his grandfather (he cant travel so he couldnt make it)

Non Pros Reception photo 17

AWESOME Ice sculpture DH's Aunt got us for the wedding.

Non Pros Reception photo 18

People loved our memory cards!

Non Pros Reception photo 19

And the day after!  I found out I had a Stomach bug or food poisoning, and both super exhausted from the previous day.  MIL thought this was funny and posted it on FB!

Non Pros Reception photo 20

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Ceremony was a disaster, even if no one else noticed.  The wind ruined the music and the pastors microphone. So no one heard anything.  The first song for the parents and grandparents didnt even play.  Then my veil flew everywhere so I had to hold it down the whole ceremony.  Lastly, the Sand Ceremony pic frame that I found broke and then the vase that we did use during the ceremony blew off the table too (with sand in it).  Thats how windy it was.  Needless to say no one else noticed (but me and thats who counts right :))... But here is our ceremony pics!


Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 1

Dad and I

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 2

Holding the veil and ring exchange

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 3


Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 4

Wind blew the bow off the table...

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 5

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 6

The FINALLY kiss! We are married after 10 years of dating (Wedding day is our 10 year anniversary)

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 7

Finally fist pump!!! yea

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 8

Maid of Honor, my sister, and Best man, grooms father

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 9

Brother and sister

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 10

Matron of Honor and DH (another groomsmen)

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 11

Carolina and her DH

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 12

Bobbi and grooms cousin

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 13

Grooms Grandmother

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 14

Brides Grandma

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 15

Brides Grandma, came to SC from AZ!

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 16

Brides Mother!

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 17

Grooms Grandmother and her son (grooms father)

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 18

Groom and his mother

Non Pro Ceremony pics photo 19



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So day of I was awake at 5 AM.  I couldnt sleep, and was throwing up/naesous ALL DAY LONG.  I thought it was nerves (and most of it probably was) but Monday after I found out I had a bad stomach bug.  Wasnt pleasant!!!

Make up time!

Non Pro Getting Ready photo 1

photographer in the window in the back.  He's trying to take pictures of the dress.  Also note the bouquets in the buckets.  My amazing bridesmaids made them the night before the wedding and they turned out AMAZING!!

Non Pro Getting Ready photo 2

Lawd! Not the best photo opp... I was so nauseous.

Yepp it took all the girls to get me in this thing! lol


Me and Bridesmaid, Carolina!

Non Pro Getting Ready photo 3

Matron of Honor and Carolina.

Non Pro Getting Ready photo 4

Grandma of the bride :)

Non Pro Getting Ready photo 5



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We had so much family come out to help.  Since we couldn't afford to have people come out, it helped a lot that so many friends and family helped out.  People came out to help that we hadnt spoke to in a while.  

Ignore the date on these pics, my mom's camera wasnt set right (Actual date 10.01.11)

We got the lanterns up the day before... Those took some time but Hubs and my dad worked really hard on those.

Non Pros Set Up photo 1

My mothers best friend, who I havent talked to in a long time came out to help with her two daughters.  They are working on the centerpeices voted on by y'all!

Non Pros Set Up photo 2

My dad and brother, along with the groomsmen who you cant see, setting up the ceremony chairs.

Non Pros Set Up photo 3

We wanted the centerpeices to have floating candles, but we couldnt anchor the flowers down low enough... so this is how they ended up. Still pretty right?!

Non Pros Set Up photo 4

CANDY TABLE!! Big hit, but we bought WAY too much candy!!

Non Pros Set Up photo 5

Cupcake tower we made.  We had a cardboard one made but heat ruined it.  So we went and bought the heavy duty one.  This was inspired by AllieSauce.  It turned out AMAZING!

Non Pros Set Up photo 6

This is a collage made by my mother in law.  DH and I have been together for 10 years and these are pictures taken throughout the years.  I LOVED this sentimental thought!

Non Pros Set Up photo 7

View from venue!! I couldnt imagine having my wedding anywhere else!

Non Pros Set Up photo 8

Christy doing her "set up".  She was trying to get the Clemson/Carolina game working online so she could hook it up to the TV at the reception.  Needless to say it didnt work out; which didnt upset me at all!

Non Pros Set Up photo 9

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We were trying to tie in the candy table to the photobooth and make sure people know the types of cupcakes we had available.  We also needed to put signs up for our memory book.  

So we asked our very amazing invitation designer (Signatures by Sarah) for help!  Here are the results.

Candy Table/Photo Booth

We have Signs photo 1

I know that credit is due for this sign, because I borrowed some of the words from someone one PW.  Whoever you are THANK YOU! We loved this sign!

Cupcake Sign

We have Signs photo 2


Lastly we asked her to design our memory book signs.  We wanted to make sure the pages ended up were they were supposed to at the end of the night. So here they are:

We have Signs photo 3

We have Signs photo 4

We have Signs photo 5


If you'd like to see the memory book page we are using for the wedding I have a whole other page with pictures! 

Everything is coming together and, even though its VERY stressful, its getting exciting!

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I forgot to post these up but these were planned for a while!  We bought paper lanterns and LED lights to put in the lanterns to decorate the venue with.  Here is our inspiration:

Decorations photo 1

Decorations photo 2

Decorations photo 3

We have lilac, eggplant, green and white lanterns.  They are all in different sizes.  These things are going to be a pain to hang up! We have clips to stick on the roof and are going to tie them to these hooks and hope they hang.  I probably should test run these! lol