Oct 10, 2009

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I've finally finished shopping for my bridesmaids and wanted to post what I got them all.

First I got them each a Vera Bradley make-up bag in a pattern I thought each would like.

Bridesmaids Gifts photo 1Bridesmaids Gifts photo 2

Bridesmaids Gifts photo 3Bridesmaids Gifts photo 4

Bridesmaids Gifts photo 5Bridesmaids Gifts photo 6

Next I got them all a pair of flip flops from Old Navy that they can put on at the reception.

Bridesmaids Gifts photo 7


Then I got them all a bright pink pashmina from Peach Couture to use anytime during the wedding if it gets a little chilly (especially during picture time).

Bridesmaids Gifts photo 8

Finally I ordered matching earrings for all of my girls from Premier Jewelry. My MOH will also be getting the bracelet that goes with the earrings as a little something extra for being my second in command. I don't have a picture of either of these but I will take some as soon as they are delivered.

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Our rehearsal dinner is going to be held at Mike's Bar and Grill which is where my bridal shower was. We've bought invitations from a local stationary store and will be printing them up this weekend. Also I went dress shopping last night and found my dress for the rehearsal. Sorry this picture isn't good but it's from a camera phone. I'll post a good picture soon.

Rehearsal Outfit photo 1

Here are the shoes (my wedding reception shoes as well)

Rehearsal Outfit photo 2

I just found a necklace that I ordered to wear with the dress and shoes. I cannot wait to see it in person!

Rehearsal Outfit photo 3

I know I posted this already but I'll be using my wedding day clutch for the rehearsal as well. I bought it from PW bride jkiss.

Rehearsal Outfit photo 4 *Image courtesy of jkiss

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This was a hard one to find but after a LONG day of dress shopping my FMIL finally decided on this dress from David's Bridal. While it wasn't my first choice for her it looks great and she seems very happy with it.

MOG Dress photo 1  MOG Dress photo 2

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I had my shower this past Saturday! It's was a complete surprise (I thought I was going to my sister's graduation party) and it was more than I could have hoped for.

Bridal Shower photo 1 My sister (and MOH)

Bridal Shower photo 2 My mom and sister

Bridal Shower photo 3

Bridal Shower photo 4 Two of my bridesmaids

Bridal Shower photo 5 Chuck towards the end when he stopped by with my dad

Bridal Shower photo 6 My bridal party minus 2

Bridal Shower photo 7 My bridal party, my mom and FMIL

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Steve Madden shoes

Here is my original pair of shoes from Steve Madden. They are a 7 1/2 and white satin and the heel is about 4 inches. I've never worn them and decided not to wear them because the color didn't look right with my dress. I'll take the best offer for them. PM me if you are interested.

For Sale photo 1

Thank you parasol (can't ship till November 9th)

A friend of mine is borrowing my thank you parasol for her November 7th wedding so this will not be available to ship until after that. The picture I'm posting is from HMM's bio because I haven't taken a picture of mine yet but it looks exactly the same. I'm taking best offer for it so PM me if you are interested.

For Sale photo 2 Image from HMM


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For the tuxes we chose a classic 2 button Calvin Klein black tux.

The Tuxes photo 1

Chuck will be wearing a ivory vest and tie to match my dress.

The Tuxes photo 2

The groomsmen and best man will be wearing a chocolate brown striped tie (I can't find a picture of it) with a black vest. The dads and grandfathers will wear a black vest and tie.

The Tuxes photo 3