Oct 10, 2009

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In the beginning I didn't want a garter especially since we aren't doing a garter toss but after seeing GarterLady's garters on Etsy I decided on this one. Garter photo 1

Images courtesy of GarterLady from Etsy

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My mom and I went shopping together and were lucky enough to find a dress for her. She is still going to keep looking since she would like to find a lighter brown color to match our wedding colors better but I'm hoping she sticks with this dress since blue is her favorite color and I think it is stunning on her.

MOB Dress photo 1 MOB Dress photo 2

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After searching all over I have finally found a cuff that I like and think will look good with my dress at Macy's. I'm also still looking for some earrings to match.

My Bling photo 1My Bling photo 2

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We have decided on a four tier cake. The top tier will be carrot cake, then raspberry vanilla pound cake, then chocolate chip, and the bottom tier will be your traditional vanilla cake. I don't have a exact photo of what it will look like but this photo is the closest I could find. The cake will be a ivory color to match my dress and will have buttercream circus roses on top.

Cake photo 1

Here is our cake knife and server that I picked up this weekend.

Cake photo 2


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Well we finally decided on a florist after one place made up some sample centerpieces for us. I'm very happy with what they came up with. There will tall centerpieces on the outside tables and smaller ones on the inside tables. The bouquets for my bridesmaids will have the same flowers used in the centerpieces and my bouquet will be white/ivory with hints of pink which will include white roses and orchids.

Flowers photo 1Tall and short centerpieces and the bridesmaids bouquet


Flowers photo 2Short centerpiece again (Ignore the pink water in the tall vase. We were trying something different but decided against it.)


Flowers photo 3Smaller version of my bouquet

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My wedding day shoes were the one thing I thought would be easy since I love shoes. Unfortunately I've had a really hard time finding a pair of shoes I like that go with my dress and are somewhat comfortable. Well I finally found the pair! I ended up with the Anjelica style from Steve Madden in white satin.


My Shoes photo 1

Once I got these though and tried them on with my dress they didn't look right color wise so it was back to the beginning. I ended up finding these shoes on and ordered them right away since they only had one pair left in my size. I love them and will be trying them on with my dress next week.

My Shoes photo 2

Ok, I'm a 3 shoe bride. LOL I just found this pair of pink satin shoes that I ordered right away. I'm planning on wearing them with my rehearsal dress and also thinking of wearing them at our reception to match my hair piece.

My Shoes photo 3

Here is what they actually look like. A little darker than I I thought they would be but I still like them and they are actually comfortable.

My Shoes photo 4