Oct 10, 2009

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Wedding Party photo 1 Wedding Party photo 2

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Wedding Party photo 5

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I just had my hair and make-up trial and I couldn't be happier with it. Here is the picture of the hair style I liked.

Hair and Make up photo 1

Here is how it turned out.

Hair and Make up photo 2

I didn't really have much of an idea of what I wanted my make-up to look like so I just had the girl do what she thought would look best. Here is how it turned out.

Hair and Make up photo 3 Hair and Make up photo 4

Hair and Make up photo 5

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Well I've changed my wedding colors a lot since getting engaged. First they were chocolate and Tiffany blue, then it was red, chocolate and cream, then red and yellow but I have finally settled on chocolate brown with hints of orange and fuschia. The browns are going to be used with the table linens, invitations and the girls' dresses. The orange and fuschia will be used with the flowers so they will really pop at the church and reception. 


Here are some pictures I am using to work with my florist for the look I am going for. If I used any of your pictures and haven't given you credit please let me know and I will.

Wedding Colors and Inspiration photo 1Wedding Colors and Inspiration photo 2Wedding Colors and Inspiration photo 3Wedding Colors and Inspiration photo 4




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Honeymoon photo 1

After lots of discussion and research we have decided on Disney World for our honeymoon. We both love it there and had our first trip together planned for April 2008 but cancelled it once we got engaged so now our honeymoon will be our first trip together. Chuck actually decided on the hotel and booked it so that will be a surprise for me until we pull up in front of it on October 12, 2009.

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Transporation photo 1  Transporation photo 2

Another part of the planning process we didn't agree on at first. I have always wanted a trolley for my wedding where the entire wedding party can ride together and get some pictures in it. One day I ended up looking at the website of the transportation company my work uses and checking out the classic cars they have. Chuck and I fell in love with their 1962 Rolls Royce. We've booked it and have also booked a 14 passenger limo for the wedding party. We aren't telling anyone about the Rolls Royce so it will be a surprise for my parents to ride to the church with me on the big day.

*Images courtesy of First Class Limos

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                                             DJ or Band photo 1

This was the first time in the wedding planning process that we didn't agree. I've been to weddings with bands and djs and while both are fun I've always felt bands add a little bit more to the night. Chuck has only seen djs so he wanted to go with one for our reception. In the end we went with a dj since our reception room isn't big enough for a band bigger than 3-4 pieces and we couldn't find one we liked at that size. We went to see a dj company a friend from my work suggested and ended up really liking them. Chuck picked out our dj (Terry) from DJs Available and since he hadn't given a lot of opinions I went with his choice. We met with Terry and really liked him. He's played at our reception site before and seems to really have a feel for what we want at our reception.