Oct 10, 2009

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                                   Photographer photo 1     


Since we ran into a lot of reception sites being booked for the month of October two years in advance we jumped right into looking for a photographer after the reception was booked. For us the photographer was one of the most important things for our wedding. Years from now no one will remember what we served for dinner or what our cake looked like but we will remember if we have bad wedding pictures. My uncle suggested his wedding photographer (Josh Gardner from Gardner Studios) right away. He got married over 10 years ago but loved the photographer so much he has been suggesting him to everyone he knows since then. We met with Josh first and hit it off right away. Chuck and I loved his photos but also his style. The most important thing when it came to the photographer for us was we don't want to be bothered once we get to the reception. If we want specific pictures we will tell him but otherwise we just want a lot of action shots of everyone having a great time. W4e can't wait to finally work with Josh and his brother, Justin on our big day. I know the pictures are going to be amazing!

*Image courtesy of Gardner Studios

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Reception Warrington Country Club photo 1

 After visiting several different reception sites my dad suggested the Warrington Country Club. I looked at it on line and wasn't very impressed by the photos. I completely changed my mind as soon as we walked in the door. The place is absolutely stunning and I cannot believe we are having our reception here. We have booked our reception for the Briar Rose room which has a beautiful fireplace in it which will make for great pictures.

Here are a couple of pictures I took on my cell phone when we went to visit a second time.

Reception Warrington Country Club photo 2  Reception Warrington Country Club photo 3

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Ceremony St Catherine of Siena photo 1

Our wedding ceremony will be held at St. Catherine of Siena church in Horsham, PA. I am actually really excited to see the inside since they are completely remodelling it at the moment. I actually attended grade school at St. Catherines and made all of my sacraments there aside from being baptized.

*Update* We went to see how the church is coming along since they are completely redoing it. It's nowhere near done but I'm happy with what they are going to do.

*Update Part 2* Well the church construction is finally finished. We weren't able to take pictures but I can tell you it looks amazing and we are very happy with it. I haven't been able to take any pictures of the finished church but I'm hoping to get a few the next time I go up to my parents' house. It looks amazing!

Ceremony St Catherine of Siena photo 2Front of church during construction

Ceremony St Catherine of Siena photo 3Back of church during construction

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                                          The Proposal and Rings photo 1

Well I had the wedding bug for a couple of months before Chuck proposed. We went to a wedding right before so all I could think about was weddings. Wednesday September 19, 2007 started out as a bad day. I stopped at Dunkin Doughnuts for a coffee and almost got run over in the parking lot. Then I broke a nail trying to open my car door (I know isn't that terrible? LOL). I remember calling Chuck and telling him it was going to be one of those days when you wish you had stayed home in bed. He asked me if I wanted to go running after work and that maybe we could go to a local park I had been wanting to check out. I said yes but that I wanted to stop at the salon on the way home from work to get my nail fixed. The day went on with Chuck calling me a lot and asking me what I was doing, when did I go to lunch and when was I going to be home. I mentioned this to my friend from work and she even said "I wonder if he is going to propose so mark September 19th down on your calendar". Later I told Chuck what she said and he started to get angry because he was sick of hearing about weddings and that he was nowhere near ready to get engaged. I dropped it since we were going on a trip in a couple of months and I thought he might propose then. When I got home he was waiting for me at the door and wanted to leave right away. He told me we would take his car but I started to say I wanted to take mine because I had a movie I needed to return and didn't feel like taking it out of one car and putting it in another (how lazy am I?). He looked at me like a deer in the headlights when I said I didn't want to take his car but I didn't feel like getting into a fight about something stupid so I grabbed the movie and jump in his car. We drove to the park and got out to start running. As usual I was talking up a storm but I noticed I was running alone and when I stopped to look around for Chuck I saw him behind me. He walked over to me and got down on one knee. I honestly don't remember what he said next because I was completely in shock. It was like an out of body experience. I said yes though and he put the ring of my finger. We ended up leaving the park and going out to dinner and then calling our families. That's when I found out that Chuck had the ring hidden in our closet for a couple of weeks and that he had called my dad to ask for permission. I'm shocked my dad didn't say anything to my mom. I also found out Chuck tried to throw me off of the getting engaged story by getting "mad" at me and that he was so nervous he thought about coming over to my work on my lunch to ask me so he wouldn't have to wait until I got home....I'm glad he didn't do that.

We are planning our wedding for October 10, 2009 and are having a great time with everything!

My engagement ring actually came with a matching wedding band but after trying it on I realized it was a little too thin for me to wear on it's own which is what I would like to do once I'm in nursing school. We went to the jewelry store my ring came from and found a thicker band that matches really nicely. My plan is to wear the thicker band with my engagement ring next and then the original band on top of that. Chuck also found a band he liked so we are all set with the rings.

The Proposal and Rings photo 2My engagement ring with the original band. I haven't been able to get a good picture of it on my finger but I will try again soon.

The Proposal and Rings photo 3 Chuck's band with my original one. I need to take a picture of my new band.

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                                      How We Met photo 1

Chuck and I actually met on my 21st birthday. I went out with a friend from work and we met up with her boyfriend and some of his friends. Chuck ended up being one of the friends and even though we didn't get to talk much that night we exchanged numbers and the rest is history. We ended up talking on the phone a lot and finally went on our first date over a month later on Valentines Day (we just couldn't find a time when we both were free). We've been together for 4 1/2 years now and couldn't be happier.