Nov 21, 2010

Fleurish of Orange County
( 1.2 / 5.0 )
When my fiancé and I originally met with Melissa five months before our wedding we had a wonderful consult. I brought pictures of the exact bouquet I wanted for myself (white anemone, orange peonies, icy poppies), my attendants (white hydrangea and gerberas) and even a picture of the boutonniere we wanted (white anemone). We made sure to tell Melissa we didn't want the typical rose at our wedding. No roses. Melissa recommended replacing the orange peonies in my bridal bouquet with orange ranunculus since they were not in season for November. She had wonderful recommendations for substitutes and took very detailed notes of our colors, flower choices and numbers. My fiancé and I left our meeting very excited. I emailed Melissa a copy of the photos I had showed her at our meeting (of the exact arrangements we wanted), per her request. She was going to reference those photos when making the arrangements.

Two weeks before the wedding however, I received a phone call from Melissa who requested we review the details before she placed the order for the flowers. My first thought was "how professional" until she said "I see you want brown, orange, green and possibly yellow is that still correct?" I was puzzled as I recalled the amount of details she had recorded during out meeting and after I reminded her of the flower choices, asked if she ever received the email with the pictures I sent her-per her request. After some descriptions and reminding her she finally recalled seeing the pictures and searched her email for several minutes trying to find it. In the meantime she was suggesting I had never sent the email. Finally, she found the email and said, "Oh yes, these are pretty." I was beginning to feel our original meeting was pointless as the bulk of our discussion was being revisited over the phone and it was as if we had never previously discussed these details in the first place. Melissa looked at the pictures I had emailed her and (two weeks before the wedding) said, "Those are Icy Poppies, I don't know if they are in season, I will have to check." She also had originally suggested we substitute orange peonies with orange ranunculus (five months prior). Now on the phone, Melissa said "Oh and I need to see if I can get ranunculus in orange. They may not be available in November." I was extremely worried at this point because it was two weeks before my wedding and all the details I planned five months prior with this woman were currently "iffy." I wondered why none of this information was brought to my attention in the first place.

Melissa assured me she would check with her vendor on the status of the flowers right away. She called me right back and said I cannot get Icy Poppies, but good news is I can get orange ranunculus. To a bride that who trusted a professional's suggestions five months ago, this wasn't particularity good news to me as it was speaking volumes to the credibility of Fleurish of Orange County (-all information I wish I had known prior to signing a contract with them). After assuring me everything else would be great, Melissa said she would place her order and see me at the wedding in two weeks. With two weeks left I wasn't going to worry if all that had changed was I couldn't have Icy Poppies. I thought, "no big deal."

The day of the wedding, Melissa arrived with boxes of flowers and placed them on a table. Each bouquet was to arrive in a "vase" however they were all placed into red plastic cups. I didn't purchase extra vases to put on the head table since she said she was bringing vases. I should have asked more information about what kind of vases they were. (A friend had to run out to buy vases) I picked up my bouquet and saw there were NO anemone flowers which were the number one flower I wanted! During our phone conversation Melissa did not say a single thing about not being able to get anemones. I was so sad to not see them and asked Melissa, "you weren't able to get anemones?" She bluntly said, "No" and kept shifting around boxes. Shocked, I said, "they couldn't let you know when you placed the order they weren't getting anemones?" Melissa said they had told her when she placed the order that she couldn't get anemones and she decided to add roses to the bouquet. In fact, she took it upon herself to put roses in all the bouquets and all the boutonnieres! I asked her why she didn't call me to tell me she couldn't get anemones two weeks ago before she placed her order? I felt like Melissa was trying to avoid me. She clearly didn't want to discuss her actions and I didn't want a confrontation.

I had no choice but to accept the situation in that moment. It was our wedding day. I wasn't going to let Melissa's unprofessional demeanor and product put a thorn in such a special day so I walked away from her. There were a number of things I would have liked to have said to Melissa in that moment and I still get upset when I think of how much money we paid for a very specific product. We got something very different from what we asked for. In fact, we got roses, which we made perfectly clear in our original meeting we did not want. My fiance and I had trusted Melissa and we had thought highly of her but her presentation was extremely disappointing and my feelings were hurt. If we were able to communicate two weeks prior and I was totally going with the flow then why wasn't I aware of the significant changes?

The flowers were beautiful, as flowers are. They just weren't what we asked for. They weren't what we were told we were getting. They weren't what Melissa and I discussed the day before she placed her order. She didn't have the decency to call me and discuss possible changes when she realized the highlight flower wasn't available. She arrived on my wedding day with a bad attitude. I am sad to say I would not recommend working with Fleurish of Orange County if you have a specific vision. If you are looking for a surprise on your wedding day, they might be a good fit for your special day. Otherwise, ask friends for a recommendation of a florist you can trust.
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Fleurish of Orange County
Thank you for the review. Melissa was the florist exclusively assigned to your wedding, as she ran various weddings in 2010. But she had different approaches to various aspects of the floral business. I am very sorry that your expectations were not met, and your review confirms our decision to end our working relationship with her.

Fleurish of Orange County has had a wonderful reputation and long lasting friendships with the families we do business with. This has continued successfully under my direction and will continue to do so as we have had the privilege of working at some beautiful weddings with lots more to follow. Learning and moving forward, I have systems in place to ensure satisfaction deserved of every wedding. You will find that my current reviews confirm my work ethic and attention to the details that brides desire and need.

My apologies for the past confusion and for the things you experienced.

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Franciscan Gardens was the perfect venue for our wedding day. I will never forget the moment my fiance and I first visited the venue. In fact, on our way to the venue, I wondered if Franciscan Gardens either was as perfect as it looked online or if they had an incredible webmaster! After taking my first peek into the "secret garden" my eyes lit up like a little girl at Disneyland! The beautiful gardens smelled fresh and the lights sparkled and I immediately knew it was perfect! We met with the site manager (through previous owner) and loved everything we heard. We left the venue to tour other venues we had interest in and found ourselves making a U-turn half way to our next stop! We went right back to Franciscan Gardens and signed a contract!

My fiance and I had serious nerves when the change of ownership occurred. We do not feel the previous owner had communicated well and that was disappointing, however as we began receiving contact from the new site manager, Ann we quickly realized things were for the better. 24 Carrots honored all aspects of our original contract and the site manager was wonderful with coordinating with the (now) outside vendors. The overall transition was smooth and the site manager met with us to give us a tour of the "new" and improved facility.

I was very sad it rained on our wedding day because we had to rent a tent (which was a large addition to our budget that we had not anticipated). Ann worked hard to break the cost of the tent rental though and although the white tent initially put a hiccup in the magic of the garden, once the wedding began, we hardly noticed the tent! :)

The venue was perfect. The surrounding area with the train tracks, and historic mission was ideal for pictures and it was hands-down the perfect day! I would recommend Franciscan Gardens to my closest friends because I know they would be in good hands!
Services used: Wedding Venue

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
A bride and groom spend months saving and planning and dreaming of their special day. Your journey together officially begins with an incredibly emotional day packed with excitement, laughter, and lots of love and it’s as if in a blink of an eye it passes as quickly as it arrived. The months of arranging each particular detail for that one special day has ended and as time passes your vibrant memories of your magical day begin to fade. What better way to hold on to those intimate details than with a photo?

Pierre-olivier and his magical talents not only capture the big events of your wedding day but he documents the beginning of a tale between a husband and a wife. Through his lens, Pierre-olivier freezes the most intimate moments, captures pure happiness and highlights the small details which canvass the big picture of your special day. These moments Pierre-olivier captures are the most important element of your wedding because once the big day passes, these are truly the only souvenirs you have. These souvenirs are not simply photos that retell your love story, they are a gift which allows you relive the most magical moments of your life.

As I browse through the memories Pierre-olivier captured through his lens on my wedding day, I am reminded of so many details I quickly forgot. As I turn the photos I remember the excitement, the giggles, the secrets and the pure happiness of the day. Then I stare and the big moment and I hold back tears. Pierre-olivier’s talent captured a side to my husband and I that I have never been able to see before. Because of my husband Jason, I know what LOVE feels like; but thanks to the cherished moments Pierre-olivier’s captured, I know what LOVE looks like. Before my wedding I believed true love was only found in a soul mate. Lucky for me, Pierre-olivier showed me true love can also be found in a photograph.
Services used: Photography