Jun 09, 2012

ABC Cake Shop and Bakery
( 4.2 / 5.0 )
This was my first experience with ABC Cake Shop and I was a little nervous since I had read mixed reviews about the shop across various review sites and heard mixed reviews from folks in person. Overall I was pleased with the experience (with one minor irritation) and will most likely order from them again. I thought the cake was really tasty, looked great in the end, was delivered perfectly and punctually to our home in the east mountains (up a really bumpy road which had me nervous too!) and some of our guests told me at the reception that it was the best wedding cake they've had in a long time. I do have a few tips though for any wedding cake venture: ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS and GET CHANGES AND QUOTES IN WRITING! This is not a slight against the wedding cake staff, but just good sense. If you need to call or stop in to make a change or check on the status, make sure everything is attached to your order and you get a copy of the latest, especially if updates or changes are made. Oh, and don't forget to call and confirm well in advance and for sure at least a week before. For a brief run down of my first to last encounter, I've tried to make it short and sweet:

- I called to set up an appointment back in January and had to leave a message for the wedding consultant (this happened repeatedly, but within 24 hours or less I always received a call back, they are very busy with the cake business!) and spoke with Patty who was very pleasant and professional.
- My fiance and I met at our appt time and consulted with Jamie, who was also very pleasant. She went out of her way to answer all of our questions and would run back to the lead wedding cake decorator to find out for sure what could or couldn't be done. We were expecting to pay a bit for 100+ guests and the price seemed reasonable, plus we had a few custom decorating requests but nothing too crazy. We left that day with an order and a deposit placed. Also, they gave us a 10% military discount for my fiance's service.
- The following Sunday my fiance and I attended one of their free cake tasting events with Jamie and were surprised to see how much cake they offered us to try! Very tasty and a good range of options. We were able to narrow down exactly what we wanted and leave the note on file. They gave us a cute little gift bag with ABC shwag on top of that!- Within the last several weeks before our wedding, I called to check to make sure things were in order and set a time to meet with Patty to pay the balance and make sure things were going as planned and she had all of our details ready to go. Since we did our initial full consultation with Jamie, I was a little surprised that one item on our design (complete with picture that had been on file since day one) came up as a question and "special fee" during this meeting. Our cake had gentle "shoulders" along the rims, clear in the reference photo what exactly we wanted and nothing Jamie noticed as being a problem in January. Patty however had to confer with the cake decorator and came back to me with an extra $25 fee to have some of the cake trimmed to look like this. Of all the complaints I could make, this would be the only one: That this was not part of the original detail conversation about how we wanted to have our cake and that this issue came up rather close to the date when I went to pay the original balance. I paid the fee but let her know that it was not what we talked about back in January.
- I called a week before to make sure (again) all was well and to remind Patty and the driver about our delivery route and to take it slow on the dirt roads (we're 45 min out of ABQ). Patty was great and all was good.- Two days before the wedding I delivered the fresh flowers that were to decorate the cake and deliver a detailed map of how to get to our house. I was a bit nervous since I didn't get to hand this to Patty OR Jamie but rather the counter staff who didn't have too much to say to me about the schedule so I left crossing my fingers everything would fall into place and sure enough, it did!
- Cake was delivered within the hour established, was in one piece and beautifully decorated very close to the picture reference we left. Best of all, it was yummy (marble cake with chocolate bavarian cream and buttercream icing with neat, thin ribbons of fondant border for decoration).
- One week after our wedding we received a personalized and handwritten thank you card from the shop staff which was a nice gesture.
Overall, very good!
Services used: Wedding Cake

( 4.6 / 5.0 )
I contacted Kelly from the great reviews she had on this website. Overall I was pleased with our experience though there is one little thing that sort of bothers me when I think of the ceremony as it unfolded. Truly, Kelly was great from the beginning, she called me promptly after sending her an email inquiry, we talked about a few details and then confirmed the date and time soon after. About a month or so out from the wedding we met her in person at her home to work through our ideas and get a feel for the ceremony (non-religious with audience & parent participation). The meeting was great and so was the rehearsal the night before the wedding. I know that June is a busy season for weddings, but there was a bit of a rushed feeling from Kelly during the rehearsal but by the end we had worked everything out I think. All was as planned when I arrived at the church on the wedding day and was waiting to join my father to walk down the aisle but when we approached the last row and Kelly began by making the introduction, she very clearly mispronounced the groom's (our) last name, which was very surprising considering she had spoken it repeatedly during the rehearsal with no problem (not a hard one) and in the time leading up to the big day. I was momentarily dismayed and I know she felt bad about it and apologized to us sincerely later, but other than this, everything went very well. (It's unfortunately just something I remember that sticks out as part of that momentous day in the first hushed moments of the beginning of the ceremony). Otherwise, she's human and there's no hard feelings :)
Services used: Officiant