Jun 01, 2012

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Our Inspiration The Reception photo 1   Our Inspiration The Reception photo 2

CENTERPIECES- Inspired by our love of vintage (blue mason jars), books, and coffee

Our Inspiration The Reception photo 3Our Inspiration The Reception photo 4

Our Inspiration The Reception photo 5Our Inspiration The Reception photo 6 (In place of the tin can                                                                                                           we are going to have the mason jars)


Our Inspiration The Reception photo 7 Our Inspiration The Reception photo 8

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Hello girls! 

It has been a while but I have been one busy bee! I have uploaded all my pictures (besides my dress- FI is sitting next to me right now). I figured I found a lot of my own ideas here and so if I could return the favor I would! So let's start with...


I did all my own silk arrangements over Christmas Break. These were all flowers that I purchased from MICHAELS which has been my DIY lifeboat. For the centerpieces (which are not uploaded) I have purchased cream roses, peonies, and hydrangeas.

UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 1

My bridesmaids will be carrying small hydrangea bouquets

UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 2

My Maid of Honor will be carrying a mixed bouquet of roses and hydrangea.

UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 3

UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 4

My bouquet is solid white roses. I have been thinking that it needs a bit more bling- perhaps pearls or rhinestone pins- What are your thoughts?

UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 5

This was a premade bouquet that I purchased strait from MICHAELS- it is small but amazing for my toss bouquet. One of the best 7 dollar purchases so far. The best has been 18 blue mason jars from Goodwill for 4 bucks.

UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 6

UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 7

These I made myself from PAPER Roses. I actually bought the flowers themselves from MICHAELS- 12 for $6 and then the fake flowers from a local shop. I learned how to do it off youtube and my FI loves them. They won't wilt!



UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 8

My DIY Garters. I bought the cheap ugly ones, ripped off the cheapy bows and pearls and replaced them with fancy buttons.. all together $10 for both!

UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 9

I wear pearls on a daily basis. There was no way I was not going a little overboard with them for the wedding. I made these out of the glass pearls from MICHAELS as well. The hair piece was from CLAIRES.

UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 10

This was a clutch that my grandmother bought nearly 50 years ago for her sister to use for her wedding. My great aunt is now giving it to me. It even has a letter in it to my aunt with big sister advice on getting married and being a good wife. So amazing to have her words for this day.. even if she is not hear to tell me herself.

UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 11

Part of the bridesmaids gifts are their jewelry- pearl earrings, and a pearl necklace I made myself. Their additional gifts are their favorite products from Bath and Body Works.

UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 12

The groomsmen gifts- flask for the drinkers, watch for my 16 year old brother, and knife for the non drinkers.



UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 13

We wanted something a little out of the ordinary so we created our own unity candle. These were all purchased from Target. The actual unity candle came with the charm and has a subtle scent of sandalwood.


UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 14

This is actually just a leather-bound notebook which cream colored pages that look aged. I learned to dabble a pinch in calligraphy which assisted me with the inscription on the inside cover as well as the headings.

UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 15UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 16

This was an idea that I actually got off of Project Wedding. I bought the bowl at goodwill, used a frame we had, and cut up cardstock. Tables will have these peices of paper and pens scattered and the directions for the bowl. The guests then write us words of wisdom, wishes, or advice that we will read during our honeymoon.

UPDATE What We Have So Far photo 17

This knife was used over 50 years ago by my Grandparents at their wedding. My Great Aunt gave it to me to use for my own nuptials. I plan on getting a picture similar to the one taken of them to have a side by side comparison of. This opalescent hilt is still very pretty for being 50+ years old!

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So in my first post I spoke about my allergies and distaste for diamonds. Well ladies I had presented N with a big task for finding my ring and he must really love me because he definitely accomplished it! After the months of talk I finally have my official engagement ring and am now a FIANCE!!!  

So I figured something was up when I saw his smirks all day. I just did not know what. Today is our 7 month so I just figured he was remembering how scared and awkward it was at the beginning. It turns out he was just waiting for the perfect moment. This whole time I had been thinking he would be waiting until we went camping next weekend with his family. I guess he figured I would think that so it could really be a surprise when it happened.

 After lunch today I laid on the couch trying to work on my homework and job applications. He just kept staring at me with this big grin that should have informed me he was up to something. The next thing I knew he was lounging next to me. I closed my eyes and thought about a siesta. I felt him slip off the ring that I normally wear, which he has done a lot the past few weeks. I really didn't think much about it. I joked as my eyes were closed that I could be his Sleeping Beauty, his Belle, or Jasmine (Aladdin is his favorite so I knew the would like that one). He leaned in, kissed me, and said 'I would rather have you be my wife,'. I smiled and giggled since that has been the talk a lot these days. The next thing I knew he was sitting me up, getting on one knee, and saying "M____ E___ P____ will you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?"

I believe that his roommate upstairs must have thought someone was being murdered I screamed so loud! I jumped off the couch and onto N and couldn't stop repeating 'yes'. He has made me the happiest girl in the world! I am proud to say that this girl is off the market and NDL is a very taken man!

So here is a picture of my ring. I love that if one looks closely there are tiny imperfections in my polished pearl. Most people want a flawless ring. I am more than content with this. The pearl had to go through a lot of pressure and years of wear to make it as pretty as it is. In fact I could probably accurately state that it had to go through hell. I can relate to this stone. In the end what makes it beautiful are the imperfections and scars that the pain left. Plus it's entirely unique- just like me!

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So I have officially discovered my new inspiration for getting into shape… as if getting married wasn’t enough lol. I know I may be a little late in noticing but Miss Christina Hendricks of MadMen is one Hollywood beauty that I applaud. She proudly flaunts her curvy and buxom character. I wish I was as embracing of what God has given me as she is. I may never be a size 8 again but I would be ok with it knowing that I was in shape.

What started off my search for a better inspiration candidate was my FI suggesting I buy a bikini this year. I had to pause to pick my jaw up off the floor because I have not worn a bikini since I was 12. Tankini-yes but a tummy revealing bikini was something I believed to long be in the past.

This summer may prove to be the best opportunity to get up off my lazy rear and take control again of my weight before it becomes a major issue. I will be taking summer courses which will eat up some of my time, but as it is there are no job prospects. This leaves copious amounts of time open for me to take that first step.

I am not just doing this for a dress on my wedding day (though it won’t hurt J). I am not doing this to merely look like another woman. I am doing this for me… for my health… for my confidence. I want to look as sassy as I feel.

This will be a test of my patience, perseverance, and endurance. No more giving up when it gets hard. No more dwelling on the numbers on the scale to tell me my beauty. I will simply create and stick to workout routines. I will wait for the results to happen. Weighing myself may not be the best idea so perhaps I will stick to measurements. I want to push through this.

The only thing that I believe to be in my way is myself… and the excuses I make. Well self…. This is my declaration of war.

There will be physical and mental pain but you will overcome it. Diligence and careful watch are required but the results will be worth it. You owe it to yourself to have a healthy and confident future. You owe it to your FI because he deserves a long life with you. A life full of adventures: ones that would be difficult to pursue with health and weight problems. You owe this to your future kids who would want a mom who can run around the yard to play with them. You owe this to your friends who deserve to have a friendship that truly lasts a lifetime.

You are a sassy bright girl who has spent her life taking care of others. It is now time to take care of yourself in order that you may better care for others in the future. This a commitment that if broken leads to pain for others as well as yourself.

You will battle but you will overcome. The results my friend far outweigh the efforts put into it.


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In high school a certain girl once told her mother that she would NEVER marry a man who was from her home state Wisconsin. Her mother warned her not to make God laugh but young M insisted anyway. She moved out East and believed that her prediction was right. God, however, did laugh and M was brought back to Wisconsin for school. 

Meanwhile, a young N, who lived in the exact middle of Wisconsin, was dreaming about becoming an engineer and looking forward to the adventures that college promised. Quietly, in his own way, he was also dreaming of the girl he would one day marry. During his second semester of Freshman year he met M through his roommate. The two became friends and shared many adventures with one another.

Looking back now neither M or N know how it took them so long to figure out that they were meant for each other. All M knows is that she loved seeing him in the student center and talking coffee and adventures. His sense of sarcasm was refreshing in the group that she normally hung out with. N knows that he loved having her come to his softball games. She was his good luck charm some how.

During a sadder time, M knew that one of the few things that made her feel better was watching movies and playing xBox with N. Then one night it clicked. N was the one she looked forward to seeing every day. Thursday mornings were her favorite because she was able to spend several hours with him. Just seeing his smile walk through the door gave her butterflies. Was this not the sign she had been waiting for?

N later admitted that Thursdays were his favorite as well and M's presence in the student center was the only reason he would go there. One night in December he courageously made his move. M, who was falling asleep during the movie, allowed him to put his arms around her and she cuddled up. Things changed overnight. Within a few a days it was decided to take the next step and date. They had been friends for 2 years. Why not try going further.

After meeting each others families M could not imagine bringing anyone else home. She could not picture kissing anyone else and when she imagined her future there was not one daydream that did not include him. N one day told her that M was the only person he had ever been able to picture himself with. She had been his first kiss and the only first kiss he ever wanted to have.

After several months they began to discuss graduation dates. M, who was going to be a teacher, still had 2 years left because of transferring in. This disheartened her as she knew N would want to be able to care for her before they got married. N, only had a 1 and a half left, which seemed promising as the last semester M could go anywhere to student teach.

One night as the couple began discussing their futures again N began smirk. M knew something was going on and asked point blank what he was thinking. "After our year leases are up how would you feel about getting one 6 month lease?" Being strong in her values, M reminded N that something was needed before the couple could live together. "I know," N said smiling," that is why I was thinking you should ask your sister what day she is graduating and find out when your friend B is getting married. I intend on keeping you because I cannot picture being an adult without you. I want to come home to you and I want to spend the rest of my life loving you," He added later that he did not have the ring yet as he knew M was allergic to certain metals. The would be going to find out M's ring size the next day.

Though a date has been set and some ideas are falling into place M is waiting patiently for N's presentation of the ring. N has already stated that it won't be a diamond as he knows M's fear of getting a blood diamond. Instead M is fairly certain that it will be a pearl; her birthstone, favorite precious stone, and ironically enough the meaning of her name. N knows exactly how is proposing but for now the couple is happily engaged to be engaged.