Mar 14, 2009

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Victor and I had such a great time with our photographer. We walked all over downtown to take pictures, we even saw places we didnt know were there. We had so much fun, we would definetly do it again. We loved all our pictures, they came out great!

The Bride and Groom photo 1The Bride and Groom photo 2

The Bride and Groom photo 3The Bride and Groom photo 4The Bride and Groom photo 5

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The Bride and Groom photo 9The Bride and Groom photo 10The Bride and Groom photo 11

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The morning of... was beautiful. It was quite cold but when you have lots on your mind you dont even feel it, at least that was my case. Although the ceremony started late, not because I was late but because the "groom" was late, everything turned out perfect. My wonderful husband made this wedding possible and I am so thankful! Our moms looked beautiful. My father in law performed the ceremony which made the event even more special. I was so happy to have my brother walk my mom and my dad give me away, it was wonderful. I also loved my bridesmaids, they looked beautiful along with their bouquets made by my mother in law and my husband's aunt... The ceremony was my favorite part!

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It was 6:50 am when Andrea, the hair and makeup artist called me to the hotel to tell me she was downstairs ready to come up... I was like "WHAT"! so I woke everyone up and as the day went by, everything seem normal and I had so much fun!

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