Mar 19, 2011

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
After looking long and hard for a DJ with a professional attitude and fair price, I was extremely glad I found Music Unlimited. I spoke with many DJ services prior to speaking with Steve at Music Unlimited only to find myself frustrated and discouraged due to the others lack of professionalism. My father was a DJ when I was growing up so my expectations for a DJ were high. I was 35 years old when getting married and wanted everything perfect for my wedding!! After talking with Steve in length on our first phone call, he immediately put my mind at ease. He was very professional, listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions over the phone. He offered to meet with me in person if needed and assured me that he would make my wedding an enjoyable one. I hired him and am so THANKFUL I did.
I married July 16, 2005 and the reception was held Riverside Country Club in Battle Creek Michigan. It was a very stormy afternoon when Steve and his staff arrived to set up for our reception. The rain was coming down in buckets and they got very wet getting their equipment from the truck to the banquet hall. I never heard one complaint from him or his staff. Instead he made contact with my master and mistress of ceremony to make sure everything was going as planned and was on time. She proceeded to give him my “agenda” which included times and activity for every event during the reception. He accepted this with open arms and once again assured us, things would be fine: despite the horrible weather.
He was even open to the joke we wanted pull on our guests prior to our Bride and Groom dance. This was both my husband and my second wedding so we wanted to Steve to play the song “opps I did it again” by Britney Spears as we took the main floor. We then asked him to “play it off” like it was a mistake. We didn’t want guest to realize we had it planned all along. He did awesome and the guest loved it.
It was a priceless moment! During the reception, he played ALL our requests and our dance floor was full all the time!! He was very conscious about making sure we were happy but most of all, that our guest were having fun. The night went fantastic and even my dad, the ex-DJ whom is very hard to impress thanked Steve and his staff for a job well done.
Since that day, I have actually referred Music Unlimited to three other couples getting married. (Yes they hired him and was glad they did)
Recently, my son was married on March 19, 2011 and yes, we HIRED MUSIC UNLIMITED ONCE again. We were not disappointed as they delivered perfection like always.
We also hired the PHOTO BOOTH in which Music Unlimited offers. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go with our guest but to my surprise, it was the HIT of the reception. Everyone had fun and thought is was an excellent idea! The attendant who assisted with the photo booth made everyone feel comfortable. He even got my 82 year old grandmother to go into the booth. The one thing I loved about the photo booth is we got pictures of almost all the guest who came to the reception. Some in which I didn’t even realize were present until I looked at the pictures the next day. The scrap book idea was a wonderful way to send the bride and groom a personal message of well wishes and forever happiness. The best picture of all from the photo booth was one of my son and his wife’s best friend in which passed away unexpected two days after the reception. He was 19 years young with a bright future ahead of him. Life is to short and you can never turn back the clock to get those timeless moments captured on film. We are very thankful we were able to get a few more picture of him; without the photo booth we would have lost those priceless memories forever.
I would like to Thank Music Unlimited; Steve and his staff for another job well done! There is no doubt that when I need a DJ or photo booth again, you will be my first and ONLY CHOICE!!
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