May 18, 2013

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Due to the facts that the two of us are already living together in an appartment together for around 3 year. We did not ask for household goods or such, but some financial support for our honeymoon. And our guests came up with such creative ideas how to give us the money, that I would like to show it here. maybe you also get some ideas.

gift ideas photo 1

gift ideas photo 2gift ideas photo 3

gift ideas photo 4gift ideas photo 5


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only two more month befor be start our honeymoon!!! So excited.

We decided to postpone our vacation and not start right after the reception. And I am glad we did. There was so mich to do. Presents to organize, thank you card to write,.... you know what I am talking about ;-)

Anyway. It took us so long to pick a place. We finally decided on


The weather will be great in september (not too hot though) and we have the chance to travel around and see somthing. (My hb could not stand to only lay on the beach for 2 weeks) Plus the Hotel offerd a honeymoon special

It will be 2 weeks in a 4* Hotel, with Honeymoon specials, all meal/drinks inlusive.....heaven





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just some snapshots to give a first impression:

non pro pics photo 1non pro pics photo 2

my nephew singing for us was THE sweetest thing.

the venue

non pro pics photo 3

non pro pics photo 4

non pro pics photo 5 non pro pics photo 6my backside

non pro pics photo 7eating bread and salt

our ride :-) non pro pics photo 8non pro pics photo 9

non pro pics photo 10first dance non pro pics photo 11

non pro pics photo 12on the way to the photoshoot


non pro pics photo 13 non pro pics photo 14non pro pics photo 15

non pro pics photo 16 non pro pics photo 17unfortunately the best pic of the table setting so far, dont mind the busy background.

what can i say, we danced the night away ( till 4 am) and we loved it

non pro pics photo 18

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these are the pics from our photographer...keep in mind, in Germany some things are a little different :-) and there are quite q few shots in black and white. The package we bought included all pics in colour and black/white. I am a big fan of b/w. We have all of them in color as well, which is pretty cool.

the church i was baptized and took my first communion

the first guests arrived :-)

my maid of honor with the most georgous facinator

white doves!

my favourite Quarterback aka my best friend :-)

 reflection in the rim of our ride

my diy cake topper

my brother


that pic is so us :-)))))





 our friends

our first dance


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I really liked the idea of an activity book, because we have so many friends and family with kids coming. The age ist between 4 and 12 and I wanted to have something for everyone (at east some parts) However, I hardly could find any material in German that were wedding-related.

So I had to be creative :-) I used the same font and our monogramm. printed it out and tied it together with satin band in purple.

DIY activity book in German photo 1

I included:

  • pics where they can color (e.g. a model of the oldtimer we use)
  • wordpuzzle
  • labyrinth
  • rebus
  • a draft to draw, what they are wearing that day
  • a place where they can paint apic for us
  • spot the difference

I will put that on a table with jars full of coloring pens (no markers because auf the antique furniture)

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today we had an appointment with our photographer to get to know each other. Then we decided spontaneously to do an e-session just to see how it goes. This is the result, and dont mind our dresscode :-D


e session pics photo 1

e session pics photo 3

e session pics photo 4