Oct 17, 2009

Platinum Weddings by Kerrie
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
10 and plus, Kerrie was AMAZING! I describe Kerrie and my wedding day a perfect size 2; its my wedding dress and everything else! Kerrie was the first person whom I emailed to thanks for in my honeymoon's suite the night of the wedding-10/17/09. So many people warned me that the day would fly by and I wouldn't remember a thing, but I do remembered Kerrie was everywhere. Let put it this way, my hubby did not like the idea of hiring a coordinator, but the day of our wedding, he was just amazed to have seen what Kerrie done for us. Kerrie was more than just a wedding coordinator. Kerrie was my dream that came true. She was details, organized, beyond generous, and patience. Our wedding turned out to be so beautiful and classy. It was PERFECT, just like in the movie! Your money will be well spent; she will be there from the beginning to THE END. Words can't express my gratitude for Kerrie! Every detail was perfect! VERY trust worthy! Highly recommend!!!
Services used: Wedding Planning

The Treasured Petal
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
One of the most jaws dropping at the wedding is the bride, kidding:-)! THE FLOWERS!!!! OMG, they were so beautiful. The Treasured Petal, Kristin, you provided the most stunning flower arrangements Ive ever seen. My guests and I loved them! Kristin is lively and genuinely beautiful. Flowers are her fashion! Writing this review made me realized what the meaning of The Treasured Petal is. I met up with Kristin to go over the details of how I would picture my wedding should be; the theme colors, the types of arrangements, and OMG, on my wedding day, I just want to keep them all! I especially love and love my bouquet. She did a great job in finding the Amaryllis for my bouquet because it's a holiday's flower, my wedding was on 10/17/09, that's a 50/50 chance! Kristin provided enough and more, because she treasured her petals, she created a dream come true. My wedding day was beautiful, I received so many compliments on the flowers arrangements, and I would recommend Kristin to all the brides out there whom in search of a dream wedding. Let's the flower be your one less to worry, and lets Kristin enhances your special day!!! Highly recommend and may I say thanks to those whom have such talents and the ability to touched LIFE!
Services used: Flowers