Sep 22, 2012

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Centerpeice Candle Collection

Glass Mirrors - 17
Tall Candles - 41 (2 per)
Short Candles - 23 (1 per)
Thin Candle - 25 (1 per)
Flared Vases - 
Tall Vases -
Short Vase -
Tea Lights - 400 (4 per)
Flared short cup -     (2 per)
Lower straight -        (2 per) 


Napkin Rings - 190
Tissue Paper packages - 20 (4 per package) - 80 count
Red Bead Bags - 6
Silver Rocks - 7

Seating Arrangement 
Paper Hearts - 178
Silver Clips - 197
Silver Keys - 180

Candy Table

Candy bags - 208
Candy Scoops - 6
Candy Containers -

Types of Candy 
10lbs red foil hearts
3lbs  red peanut butter foil cups
4lbs nibs
7lbs cherry balls
3.5lbs chewy raspberry candy
4.5lbs marshmallow strawberries 


Table Number frames - 25

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I want our Junior Best Man/Ring Bearer to carry a teddy bear with him down the aisle.  My vision is him carrying this teddy bear and holding his Grandpa's hand.  The thought of it just makes my heart melt.

I knew Valentine's Day would be the best time to find the red bear I had in mind.  I was able to find this little sweetie at Walmart for less than $8.00.  I wanted the bear to have a silver bow to tie in with our colour scheme.  Off to YouTube I went in search of how to make a bow.  I found a really easy how-to video and I was off on my bow making adventure.

The end result

 Ring Bear Baby and Bear photo 1

Imagine this little sweetie carrying that little bear, while holding his Grandpa's hand.  

Ring Bear Baby and Bear photo 2

This is one part of my wedding day that is going to be my undoing when it comes to tears. This little guy is the blessing and highlight of my life. 


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I've been all over the map with regards to what I was going to do with the centerpieces.  ALL. OVER. THE. MAP.  

I will not bore you with all the various ideas I had floating in my head.  All that really matters is that I've found the look I want.  I am so over the moon happy with it.  I know it's the way I was supposed to go.  

Inspiration Look

  Centerpieces photo 1


My Look In Progress 

Centerpieces photo 2


I love this so much. This is the arrangement of the vases and candle holders I'm using.  I will be scattering red and silver beads on the glass to reflect the candle light.  The main vase (flared) will have a candle in it with red beads filling in between the candle and the glass.  All candles will be white. 


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I was looking around for cake cutting sets with some sparkle and shine to them.  They were insanely expensive. For something that was going to be used for about 5 minutes, I just couldn't convince myself to spend $50-$80. No way!  

I saw the coolest inspiration pic of a cake cutting set on Pinterest and I just knew I had to try it too.  So, I went shopping. Who doesn't love to go shopping? 


DIY Blinged Cake Cutting Set photo 1

The knife set cost me 14.99.  I had a gift card from a returned gift, so out of pocket for me was $2.35.  I bought the flower arrangement wire $1.29 (don't know actual name) and beads that were on sale for 12.00.   Total out of pocket expense - $15.50.  

Less than 20 minutes and this is the finished product.  I am in love!!!!  

DIY Blinged Cake Cutting Set photo 2

I have some fine tuning to do on the top of the one piece.  The wire is wonky looking.  The finished product isn't exactly like the inspiration, but the handles are also different.    

The picture doesn't do justice to how pretty this knife set looks in real life.  

I am so happy with how it turned out!   


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The major inspiration for my wedding day has centered around my FI and his love of hockey.   I love him.  He loves hockey! LOL 

Let Them Eat Cake Blinged Out Style photo 1

This is the inspiration for our wedding cake.  I am doing everything I can to keep this a surpise from him.  Since the cake is a surprise, so must be the cake cutting set.  

Let Them Eat Cake Blinged Out Style photo 2

This is one of my DIY projects.  The picture does not truly do it justice.  I love it! 

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