Sep 22, 2012

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Donation Cards photo 1

All credit for this beauty goes to ridegrl1.  This is one element of my day that I love the most.  I love the sentiment of the idea and the beauty of it is stunning.

I have to admit I will pull this document up numerous times throughout the day and just look at it.  I love it that much! 

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Escort Cards Inspiration photo 1

I have been back and forth with what to do as far as escort cards go. 

I've considered tented cards - nope. 

I contemplated truffles with little flags.  Actually even made a batch - flop.  Too much too work! 

Investigated a picture board.  Decided against that in case people have to cancel at the last minute

And then, PW comes through AGAIN!  I saw this on the home page.  Little hearts attached to twine and I was instantly in love with the idea. 

My wedding is taking on a bit of an unintentional theme of 'Key To My Heart', so this is absolutely perfect.  It is economical enough to be worth the effort of cutting out 150+ hearts.  Easy peasy.... just what a DIY should be.  



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I'm in the process of dealing with ridegrl1 for my wedding day paper products.

I am having a blast!  She is capturing my vision to perfection.  It is so exciting to see my wedding day ideas coming to life. 

  • programs
  • menu cards
  • candy label tags
  • 'key to success' tags - there will be a key attached to the end of the card and the cards are for a guest book where at this point the guests give us their thoughts for 'keys to a successful' marriage
  • donation cards announcing that we are donating money to a charity on behalf of the guest
  • I would like to have little tokens with our logo on it for the guests to drop in to jars for the charity of their choice (stolen from AJFisher)
  • Charity signs
  • Coupons for 'This drink is on us'
  • Table numbers


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Susan Murray Chair Coverings

I have decided on these chair coverings. 

Still thinking about whether or not I'm going to do chair adornments.    Stay tuned.

Napkin Rings


I think I'm in love. I bought these from another PW bride!


Table Numbers

Picture is a bit fuzzy.  The verse on the bottom reads:  "Love is the master key that opens the gate of happiness"  Each one of our table numbers will have a love verse on them.  A different verse for each table. 

Kudos to ridegrl1 for helping me bring my vision to light. I would be lost without her.  Lost or bald from pulling out my hair.   Don't judge her work by the quality of my picture or print quality.  This card is printed on the lowest quality on my printer just to get sizing information for the frame.   

Centerpiece Mock Up

Head Table Decorations


I bought 6 of these for the Head Table.  I thought a little extra bling would be a nice touch. 


Each place setting will include the following paper items: 

Key To Success Tags

 These are in lieu of a traditional guest book.


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This pink No Although photo 3265309-3

I am just so honoured to be selected to be a woman of the Pink Heart Society.  Think Red Hat Society.  Yep, that's me. 

I was so shocked to see an e-mail awaiting my return from Winter Vacation 2012!  Vacation 2011 brought an engagement and now this.  Could a girl get any luckier?! 

If there is anything I can do to make your time here more enjoyable, don't hesitate to send me a message. I will do what I can to help or find someone that can! 

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