Sep 22, 2012

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This is one element of my wedding day that makes me so excited. 

Day of Transportation photo 1

I don't want to rush away the day of being coming a wife, but to know that our ceremony will be followed by riding in this lovely machine with the love of my life, makes me so very happy. 

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Bouquet photo 1Bouquet photo 2

These bouquets are the inspiration for my bouquet.  I have been thinking all along I was going to have a red roses or deep red calla lily bouquet.

It hit me out of the blue that I should have a carnation bouquet. 

My mother passed away when I was 19.  She didn't see my first wedding nor will she see this one.  I wanted for her to be a part of my day in some way.  Carnations were her favorite flower.  I figured what better way to honour my mother on my wedding day than to carry a bouquet of her favorite flowers. 

My plan is to have the bouquet of red carnations (red is my favorite colour) and wrap the bouquet with black ribbon.  I am going to ask my former mother-in-law for a brooch to pin on the bouquet stem, as well as ask my FI's sister is she has a piece of jewelry that belonged to their mother, since FI's mother has passed as well.  

I love how it is all coming together and to represent such important women in the shaping of who FI and I are as people and who we have become as adults.  This may fast become the most important and sentimental element of my wedding day, beyond the fact that I am marrying the man of my dreams.

I hadn't given much thought to the idea of what to do with my bouquet after the ceremony.  I came across a thread on the main forum and in there a bride, JackieG, mentioned hers was placed on her father's grave site and I love that idea.  I am going to take mine to my mother's grave site and leave it there for her to enjoy! 

Thank you so much, JackieG.  I really hope you don't mind that I'm stealing your idea.  It is done with the utmost respect and appreciation.   xoxo

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Wedding, Red, Shoes  Wedding, Red, ShoesWedding, Red, Shoes Wedding, Red, Shoes

My wedding day shoe vision is red strappy, bowed or blinged. 

I have searched the internet high and low for THE shoe.  I haven't found it yet.  Don't you worry your pretty litte bridal heads.  I will be the victor in the battle of the red wedding shoe!!! I can and do wear 3" heels on a rather regular basis and don't want to go much higher than that on my wedding day. If I could get a sexy 2.5" that would be easy peasy.


These are my shoes!  They are not as sexy as the inspiration shoes I've listed, but I love the look when I see them on my foot.  



Shoes #2

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I don't wear a lot of make-up and I'm trying to keep my wedding day look very simple.   I am going to do eyelash extensions long before the wedding to see how I like them, because it is one look that I think is so gorgeous.  Long dark eyelashes are gorgeous and if I have to buy them, buy them I will.


Wedding, Makeup  Wedding, Hair, Chignon   Wedding, Makeup, Beauty 

My youngest daughter is amazing at doing make up and I would like for her to give it a try.  It will be a challenge for her though because I know she is so picky she will be doing her own make up for the wedding and to ask for her to do mine too.  I'm just not sure yet.   I will get her to do a trial run one day soon and see how it looks. 

As much as I don't wear a lot of make up, it is an element that adds so much.  I really want to look like myself, but have that special make up, well done make glow about me. 

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save the date

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  • Find shoes
  • Make Attendant Request Cards
  • Get FI working on his annulment - working on it!
  • escort card table ideas  - decided
  • mailing labels for rsvp cards
  • figure out how to make my own bouquet or what I'm doing at least
  • Make decision about day of transportation
  • Get FI working on the next step of the annulment process
  • bouquets for BM
  • Corsage for Todd and Tyshaun
  • Find silk robes
  • Decide on hangers for the gowns for the girls 
  • Find the proper clutch

Before starting the list I had half a million things running through my mind, now it's blank!  GRRRRR

DIY Tasks

  • spray paint card box
  • spray paint 'love' letters
  • spray paint table number frames
  • heart shape punch for the table escort
  • find the silver clips for the escort table deal
  • silver wire
  • black fabric
  • wooden frame for escort table


Paper Products

  • Words for the 'Key To My Heart' shadowbox
  • Programs
  • 'Have a drink on us'
  • Menu
  • Donation cards
  • Candy labels
    'Sweet' words and 'Love' word


  • finalize ceremony
  • boutinneirs in for Todd, Ty and Mike
  • flowers for Brenda
  • Aisle runner
  • memory candle
  • wash vases
  • spray paint keys
  • print key tags
  • print drink ticket
  • get layout of programs
  • print donation cards
  • get pictures of Todd and I as children
  • finalize pictures for the escort cards
  • make wine glasses/beads
  • engrave Todd's watch
  • talk to Ruth about photographs
  • ask Michelle to hand out programs