Sep 22, 2012

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Professionals photo 1

Professionals photo 2

Professionals photo 3


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This would be the first gift of 3 gifts for FI.  

FI s Wedding Gifts photo 1

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Wedding Day Paper Products photo 1

Gorgeous Invitations

Wedding Day Paper Products photo 2

Key Tags

This is just a small glimpse of my wedding day paper products.   


All work done by Halsey 



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Compiling all the candy needed for the sweet goodness that will be our candy table.

10lbs red foil hearts
3lbs  red peanut butter foil cups
4lbs nibs
7lbs cherry balls
3.5lbs chewy raspberry candy
4.5lbs marshmallow strawberries
4.6lbs sour cherry chews
2.5lbs hot tamales
4lbs big feet

43.1lbs Total

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DIY Garter photo 1DIY Garter photo 2

I made the garter myself to go alongside FI's surprise Stanley Cup cake.  He knows nothing of the cake and nothing of the garter. 

This was the easiest DIY project to date!  I love being sneaky when I know at the end of the day, FI gets a little surprise.  

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I wanted something different in regards to a guest book.  After much thinking and Internet searching I came up with the idea, 

"Keys To Success" 

I searched and searched the Internet for keys.  I went to yard sales, flea markets, key supply stores.  You name I was there in my quest to find a key. I bought a key shape mold and I bought clay.  I thought I would make the keys I needed.  I tried 1 key and that was enough to kill that idea.  

One night at work, I was searching E-bay and I came upon a listing for little keys that would work. They were dirt cheap and sold in lots of 20 with free shipping.  I ordered 9 bags (now wishing for 10 or 11).  They arrived last week and I've already spray painted them.  I love how they turned out.  The original colour was a brassy colour and I wasn't completely sold on them or in love with them.  Nothing that a little spray paint wont fix.  

Keys To Success photo 1

The keys will be attached to this tag made by Halsey.  

 Keys To Success photo 2

This is one of the elements of the wedding that I'm really excited about. I think it is going to look so sweet and be such a different idea.