Aug 21, 2010

Fantasy Florals
( 1.4 / 5.0 )
I chose Fantasy Florals based on my meeting with them at the Houston Bridal Show. We were just having a small wedding at my parents and I just wanted a bouquet, a few boutineers and some bracelet flowers for the mothers. I thought it would be nice to support a family business and I knew I would get just what I wanted based on my conversation with Gina about how she 'takes excellent notes'. Well, needless to say her notes do not work out for her. After the wedding, I decided to write her a very civil email letting her know that my order was incorrect, etc. and she did not even bother to reply! I am so glad to finally get to write a review about her. On the day of I did not make a big deal about my bouquet being wrong, I was just so nervous and what she gave me was pretty (which was relieving) but not what I ordered. I expressed to her several times (AND PROVIDED AN EXAMPLE PICTURE)that the most important thing I wanted, the ONE thing I was adament about having, was curly willow in my bouquet. What did I get? Grass. The bouquet was very important to me since I was going to have it freeze dried & put in a jewelry box for my wedding present, but I didnt bother to do that since the ends of my flowers were brown. We did not receive one of the father's boutineers which was embarassing to say to my father-in-law. We also did not recieve the 'complimentary toss bouquet' that we had intended on giving my little neice since it was her birthday on the day of the wedding and we were going to take a picture together of us in our dresses w/ our bouquets...that didnt happen. I feel like when it comes to something as special as someone's wedding flowers, they should get what they order.
Services used: Flowers