Mar 24, 2012

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a little about me

Im from a tiny town in western oklahoma. i graduated from Oklahoma State University in May 09. I love being outside. I have a passion for girl scouts. used to show cats (so still have long cat hair EVERYWHERE). im semi in business for my self selling some jewerly but main focus is horseshoe crosses.


A little about my FI

he's pretty much a jack of all trades. more of a city boy than i ever expected to find myself with but what can i say.... he doesnt own a suit and im not going to ask him to get one.


A little about our wedding plans so far....

date: march 2011

Location: my grandparents house (where my parents were married) ceremony outside (hoepfully)

Guest list is sitting at a little over 200!!!

Colors: not spefic yet but blue, green and of course white

 BUDGET: my parents are giving me *one grand* and thats about what im trying to stay since I am still hunting for a job and the FI doesnt have much left after bills. (this and the dress are what worry me most)


not sure what else to put