Mar 22, 2008

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Hi Everyone!

Im addicted to everything wedding right now!!! I wish I had more time and money dedicated toward the wedding, but of course with a full time job and going through a graduate program, its kinda difficult!

OUr story: short and sweet version

We met through mutual friends when we attended one semester at a local community college back in Fall of 1999. After that semester, we went to other colleges and pretty much fell out of touch.

Fast forward to May of 2005. It was a Thur night, nothing special. My cousin and I headed out to a local bar/club in downtown San Jose to hang out. Once at the bar, I looked to see who was around.

At the other end of the bar, I saw a familiar face and did a double take (he saw the double take, HA!) We walked up to each other and I said, "Hi" first!

He responded by saying, "Hi, Juliet! Aren't you married yet?" and took my left hand to look and see if there was a ring. We had small talk and cut it short cause cause some friends were pulling us in different directions.

The next morning I myspaced him (yes, myspace) and gave him my number. We hung out the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that....

Ever since then, its been wonderful!



You know when someone asks you, how do you know if s/he's the one? Well that feeling is like a bright light that just goes off! You just know!

So its Christmas Season, 2007. He asks me what I want and I reply, "I dont know". Im an RN and since the hospital never closes, we have to work. Christmas Eve was my night to work (night shift 7p-7a.. I know, that sucks), so right before I had to leave, he gave me a present.

I opened the present and it was Nanette Lepore (I love her) perfume. I didnt say anything for like 2minutes.. I couldnt have imagine what my expression looked like. But after the two minutes, I said thanks and left for work.

After another 5 minutes into driving, I called him and started to cry.

I told him I wanted something ELSE special. I remembering him kind of laughing and just letting me talk, which made me even more upset = As if he wanted to hear what I wanted from him.... So at the end of our conversation (when I arrived at work), I told him I was expecting a ring. All he said was, "I love you and always will. Don't worry about it".

The following Saturday, Dec, 29th, it was raining, so we stayed indoors most of the day. We ran our errands, had breakfast and went home. He eventually told me we had reservations for dinner in the city (San Francisco) at 7 and I should be ready by 5ish.

I was ready around 5:30 and sat on our couch. He was ready at 5, so he wanted to do a round of Rockband and karaoke while he waited (what he always does while waiting for me to get ready).

Not too long after I sat down, he wanted to sing one more song before we left: he sang our song: Brian Adams' "Heaven". At the end of the song, he kinda choked up and he went on one knee and proposed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I always giggle everytime I think of that moment)

We sat around for awhile and talked, but we had to leave for our reservations.

At the time we were living in an apartment and as we were leaving, he mentioned to me that since it was raining, he needed me to help him pick up a package in the club house (where large packages are delievered). It was raining pretty hard at the time, so he told me I had to help him so we can make it out on time.

As we entered the club house, we went to the locked area of the clubhouse where the package would be. As we went to open the lock, a door to our left opened up!!! It was ALL of our close family and friends!!!! I was surprise because everyone was

aside: , he told me he did not want to propose to me on Christmas Eve since I was working the night shift that night. It would have sucked for him to have proposed, then I would have to go to work and he would have to spend that night alone (I cried when he said this)

We're getting married at St. Anne, our local Catholic Church and the receptions will be in  in San Ramon on Nov, 22, 2008

Our honeymoon will be in Bora Bora and Moorea.