Nov 11, 2011

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About Me:

I'm 23 years old, I live in Houston, Tx. I was born a military brat, so my family & I moved alot. From North Carolina to Hawaii. If I didn't live there, we sure passed through. I attended the Houston School of Floral Design. I'm an Ebay addict! I love to sell & buy on Ebay. I'm on a super tight wedding budget! So, anything DIY I'm all about it... :D

About my fiance:  

{It takes getting use to saying fiance over bf} My fiance's name is Pedro. He's from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mx. He attended school in Houston & graduated from Northbrook High School, class of  2001. Surprisingly, he's been very hands on. Whether, I need him to cut ribbon, or string crystals....lol he's on it!

Where we met: 

Most people would not recommend a bar/nightclub to find your soul mate, but I did! We met through mutual friends, & his brother was in the band that was playing that night. He was very shy, so I had to be the one to approach him & initiate a conversation. Ever since we were inseparable! :)

Our first date:

 Dinner & a movie- "What happens in Vegas!" with Ashton Kutcher & Cameron Diaz. Dining was  casual, Denny's....lol. Especially, on a first date you don't want to over indulge on food. In our case, I mentioned to Pedro.-"I'm a girl who likes to eat!" I thought I would be shy & reserved with him, but since the beginning I've always been myself. He appreciates that I'm the real deal, & not portraying something I'm not.

Where he proposed:

 I use to think that proposing on Valentine's Day was so cliche. Now, i think it's actually sweet & memorable. We went to a restaurant called El Pueblito in Houston. The atmosphere was nice & breezy. They had cabanas in the back, where you could cuddle up. The food was deli-sh! On the other hand the service was horrifying. It was the worst, but at the end of the day he proposed. That made everything so much better... :)