Aug 18, 2012

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We had such a great time when we were taking Engagement pictures!Engagement Pictures photo 1

Engagement Pictures photo 2Engagement Pictures photo 3

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Fascinator photo 1

Thank you Davids Bridal! You are making my wedding day!

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flowers photo 1 white amaryllis


flowers photo 2pink Hydrangeas

flowers photo 3white roses

flowers photo 4soft pink roses

Now tie them all together

flowers photo 5


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Colors photo 1Black

Colors photo 2 White

Colors photo 3 just a little to make all the other colors pop!

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Shane and I had planned on spending the Valentine weekend together. Since we have met we have always done something special on this holiday. This time it was just a whole lot more special.

We had been talking about getting married, but in no way shape or form did I think that he had any chance of getting a ring. He had asked me on Tuesday what my ring size was and I jokingly asked why and he said so he could buy me a necklace. He then preceeded to tell me he wasnt sure of the rings on the internet that they all seemed cheaply priced. Needless to say for like the 3rd week in a row we had a pretty good size snow storm that had blown through. So, did I think that there was a real chance for me to get a ring. Not at all....So... I told him what every girl knows.

Cut, Clarity and Carat... He was well informed...hahaha

So, I arrived at his house the afternoon of February 12, 2011 in time for us to go to church together. We then came back to the farm and he proceeded to make me supper. When I tried to help he said he was planning on making it. I stepped back and let him go at it. He cooked me pheasant and baked potatoes and salad. I had picked up a bottle of wine and he poured us each a glass. We had our supper and then we exchanged gifts.

As he opened his cards and read them he found that one was inside the other. One contained punch out certificates for him to give to me at any time and to have whatever his heart desired. He then got to read his serious card from me and his case of juice boxes(if you know Shane, you know he loves juice boxes).

Shane then pushed a little white gift bag with a black lace handles over towards me. I read the card and then I started to reach inside the bag and open the little gift box. As I was unwrapping the box I was pretty nervous at this point and didnt even notice he had come to my side of the table and had dropped to one knee. As I opened the jewelry box and sat with a look of awe, I turned and there he was. I didnt know exactly what to say. I was definitely in a state of shock. He then with a smile on his face asked, "Will you marry me and be my wife". I sat there for a moment looking back and forth between him and the beautiful ring and couldn't really speak, when he finally said "does that mean yes?" "YES" I said.

And the rest is history!