Aug 30, 2011

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After Luke and I got engaged in NC, I came back to Oregon for about 2 weeks, I didn't realize that I should have been ordering a dress then, especially when we didn't have a date set, nor had any clue when the military would actually let Luke take time off. (Thank goodness it kept getting pushed back and not up!) After spending 2 weeks back at home I was off to the East coast again to spend the rest of the month with the to-be-hubby which meant no dress shopping!

I got back home in March and after about a week of getting things in order I started the great dress search with my mom. After learning that we would have to put a rush on my dress and cross our fingers that it got here in time I started getting a little worried. Plus, I had a really hard time finding a dress I loved. I knew I wouldn't have that moment where you start crying and everything, but nothing came to me, no butterflies, no excitement, NOTHING! I told myself I had to order by the end of the week on Friday because a dress was better then no dress. I went to one or two shops everyday that week, by the time 5 days and about 8 shops later I wanted to cry I never thought I would find one I liked. And then I went into a store that actually had a few of the Maggie Sottero dresses that I wanted to try on! I finally had 2 that I actually really liked, however, there was one dress that I LOVED but didn't want to order without trying on, it was the Rhianna Royale. When I went home the plan was to sleep on it and pick one of the dresses that I had tried on that day, too bad the only dress I thought of and dreamed about was the Rhianna.The next day my mom and I called every store that carried Maggie dresses in Oregon, Washington and even started calling into Northern California!

The Dress photo 1

We finally found a shop 300 miles away that had it! We drove up the next day to try it on. I'll admit though, it wasn't love at first sight. I'm really short (5'3") so when I wasn't able to stand on a stool (which there was none) dresses ate me! (I'm sure all of you short girls understand!) Plus the dress ended up being 3 sizes too small for my hips! So we left sad that it wasn't the one. However, once we got home I started looking at pictures, the dress didn't look too bad! After sleeping on it again and showing my mom the pictures we decided it was the dress for me all along!  I'm getting it in the light gold/champagne and I can't tell you how excited I am to get my dress in and altered to my size! It should be here July 11th, yay!

Here are a couple pictures of when I tried it on!

The Dress photo 2The Dress photo 3


For those of you reading this that are wearing the Rhianna Royale, what kind of veil are you wearing? I know I want one with some lace, but haven't found any that I really like. Also what color of veil are you wearing if your dress is light gold/champagne color? Suggestions?

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I'm not going to lie the proposal wasn't this huge surprise. He popped the question on January 15, 2011, we had found out about 6 weeks prior that instead of moving to Florida and starting our lives together again Luke would be deploying, plus we had already started the research and planning phase. He flew me out to North Carolina to visit him for his birthday and before he left. I have to say Luke did a great job trying to plan a cute way to pop the question, but unfortunately I missed the memo to not ruin things!

It was a really pretty day and he took me down to New Bern, his favorite town he had found in NC, it reminded him of home. We use to always go to coffee shops when we both lived in Corvallis so the first plan was to tape my ring onto my coffee cup, too bad they didn't have a public restroom so there was no way for him to attach the ring without me seeing.

The Proposal photo 1

Onto Plan B! We ended up leaving the coffee shop and walking along the lake, it was pretty warm for January and all the ducks were out. Usually I insist on putting my hand in Luke's pocket when we're taking walks and usually Luke tells me (jokingly) to get my own pocket! Well Luke put the ring in his pocket for me to find when I would go to put my hand in his pocket. This was probably one the and only time I didn't put my hand in his pocket! After about a 2 hour walk the path ended and we had to turn around, he finally just pulled out the ring and asked the big question! After saying yes he proceeded to tell me how I ruined both Plans A and B! Oops!

Although it didn't go according to his plan it was still perfect! =)

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The first time our lives crossed paths it was spring of 2007, the end of my freshman year in college. Luke and I had attended the same party one night and were even in a couple of pictures together. My girlfriends and I were walked home by a couple of his friends that would later be his roommates. Despite knowing several of the same people, all from different parts of our lives we didn't meet until a year and a half later. We met in the fall of 2008, October 3rd to be exact. The only reason why I know this is because I sent my mom a text saying "I met a nice boy" the following day.

I will never forget the day we met, it was the end of our first week back at school, our mutual friend Chelsea had called a bunch of us to go out and attend the Eve 6 concert that the school was hosting. I didn't want to go, I had been out late the night before and hadn't gotten much sleep. All I wanted to do was veg and have a movie night. But Chelsea kept texting me telling me I had to come out, so I reluctantly did, but I was determined to leave before going to the concert.

Man am I glad she bullied me into going out!

How We Met photo 1

We were meeting at McMenamins before going to the concert. I was the last one to arrive, I remember walking up to our table of about 8 people, Luke had his back to me, the only empty seat was next to him. When I looked down to see who I would be sitting next to Luke looked up at me. It was the cute guy from my Anthropology class this summer! Oh man I think my face brightened up like it was Christmas! I sat down, he introduced himself. Of course my plan of going home early was nixed almost immediately. Luke and I were inseparable since. We found out about a week later that we had a few other mutual friends so we started hanging out with them more.

It was a few weeks later, we were at a friends halloween party, we were sitting on the couch talking with friends and then Luke started to make a comment, "When I was single....." I turned to him and gasped, "You have a girlfriend?! I thought you were single!" ...Yeah he wasn't too pleased with my "reaction" haha.

Everything else is history!

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Hello, my name is Laura and I am so excited that I found Project Wedding! I have been lurking around for a few weeks now and finally got to making a profile!

I am getting married to the love of my life on August 30th, 2011. Although we just recently got engaged on January 15th of this year we actually started researching weddings last April. My fiance's name is Luke (yes like Luke and Laura from General Hospital!) and he is in the Marine Corps, we have been together for a little over 2.5 years and have been doing long distance for a little over 1.5 years. By the time we get married we'll have been in a long distance relationship double the amount of time we have actually spent in the same city. Luke deployed at the end of February and will be home in about a month, however, we will not be seeing each other until a few days before the wedding in August because he will be starting flight school when he gets back from his deployment. Although I am sick of doing long distance and this is the longest we have ever gone without seeing each other it is possibly one of the best times in my life. I will be moving to Florida right after the wedding and starting our life together.

We only planned on doing long distance for a year and then moving in together before getting married. Well here it is the top of the hour and we are still separated, and even though I would have never picked this road for us, it is the best thing that has happened to us. Luke and I have been through thick and thin and I can definitely say our relationship and love feels like a fairytale.

Not only am I about to marry my best friend in 4 short months, but I get to start a completely new life with him. The whole shabang! A new marriage, a new house, in a new city, in a new state, 4000 miles away from everything I know. It is very scary at times, but the excitement of getting to be with my best friend and see him everyday overrides all those fears completely.