Aug 30, 2011

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So when I first started the serious planning in January I started making lists of how I was going to make our wedding not so cookie cutter. Now it might not be exactly how I was originally wanting it due to our short time frame for planning, but one of the things I do plan on doing still is having an alternative to a bouquet toss.

Firstly: The Bouquet toss I personally think can get really old.

Second: Not every single woman wants to participate in it, like those that are older, divorced, or widowed.

Third: Most people usually purchase a second bouquet for the traditional toss which can cost a lot more money! We all know how much those bouquets can cost, even at the minimum!

So instead of the toss we will be serving these to all of the unmarried woman and girls at the wedding!

Bouquet Toss Alternative photo 1

Who ever finds the ring inside of theirs will be "the next to get married" or at least the equivalent of the person who catches the bouquet! The only thing I may change is instead of little presents we may have them frosted to look like a ring box!

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I am happy to say that I found our baker yesterday we're going to have our cake, cupcakes, and the mini cakes for all the single ladies make by Amber from Le Cookie Monkey! To check out her work go to

So I haven't found my baker yet, but I have a couple ideas of who I may be going th rough. Up until a couple of days ago I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted my cake to look like and then I found this artful master piece on the PW website!

Cake and Cake Toppers photo 1Cake and Cake Toppers photo 2

It was inspired by the Rhianna Royale dress! Now I know this will cost a bit more then what I was planning on for my cake, I was originally wanting something a lot simpler, but this is just so perfect! So instead of having a larger cake I think we're going to have a small version of this cake: save the top for our 1 year anniversary and then serve the other layer to our wedding party or immediate family. Then for everyone else we're going to have a cupcake buffet!

Cake and Cake Toppers photo 3

There is this fantastic cupcake shop in Portland called Cupcake Jones ( that has a huge variety of cupcakes to choose from. Some with cookies on top, graham crackers, s'more flavors, peanut butter and jelly, key lime pie, etc!

Cake Toppers!

So I know I want some sort of cute little cartoonish looking birds for our cake topper, however, all the ones I have found are like $100! And personally I have a really hard time justifying spending that much money on a cake topper that is just going to get packed away and never used again. So a few weeks ago my MOH and I went out and got clay and created trial run animal cake toppers. I need to try making them again and actually make birds this time, but here's pictures of the inspiration:

Cake and Cake Toppers photo 1Cake and Cake Toppers photo 2Cake and Cake Toppers photo 3Cake and Cake Toppers photo 4

Here are me and Larecia's (MOH) first shot at making clay animals, we used the Crayola Magic Clay because it's really light and easy to work with. It took about 2-3 days for them to fully dry, we were going to put veils on them, but then lost interest since they're not the toppers we're going to use. What do you think? Mine is the panda and Larecia's is the monkey!

Cake and Cake Toppers photo 5

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So we decided to hire a former classmate of mine from College to photograph our wedding. Her name is Katy Weaver and she is a crazy talented photographer!

Photography photo 1

She went pro about a year ago and is well on her way to a strong career in photography! Here's here website:

Here's some of her photography:

Photography photo 2Photography photo 3Photography photo 4Photography photo 5Photography photo 6APhotography photo 7

And if you think these are good you should see some of her fashion photography! =)


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About 2 years ago I went to this Martini bar in Vancouver, Washington with a girlfriend, Top Shelf to be specific. Fantastic bar with usually even better live music. And that is where I heard Jim Fischer, pianist and vocalist play!

The Music photo 1

He is AMAZING! I now have a group of girlfriends that goes and listens to him play every Wednesday night!

He has been playing the piano for his entire life, if you can play it for him on your phone he can play it back. Although he may not know the words to every song he certainly tries and is very interactive with a crowd! When I saw him perform on New Years a couple years back he played "Fat Bottom Girls" by Queen and had a group of guys and girls get up and act out the part of the opposite sex. He even had big plastic butts for the guys to put on!

I knew immediately that I wanted him to play at my wedding someday and when I had my original wedding date (August 15th) I emailed him right away and he told me he was going to be on a cruise for almost all of August!

I was so devastated! However, I guess in some sense I should thank the military because when we had to push our date back it happened to get pushed back enough that Jim will now be able to perform at our wedding yay!

Here is a link to his website if you're looking for someone to play at your wedding (p.s. his prices are pretty competitive too!)

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I have been researching venues for what seems like forever and after having a contract in hand with one venue we decided that we just couldn't risk our date changing to a winter wedding (due to the military) and to not have an indoor option. No one wants to go to a outdoor wedding in the middle of winter in the Northwest, it's just too wet and rainy! So we decided on The Aerie at Eagle Landing in Happy Valley, Oregon!

Here is the facility:

The Venue photo 1The Venue photo 2

Here is where the ceremony will be held:

The Venue photo 3

Here is where the reception will take place, both indoors and out! Plus there will be padio lights!

The Venue photo 4The Venue photo 5

So pretty right?!

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So Luke and I got our engagement pictures taken February 15th, 2011 by Tabatha Acosta of Cherry Blossom Photography in Jacksonville, NC. Here is a link to her website:

Tabatha did a fantastic job and we had a great time working with her. She actually squeezed us in on short notice, I think I initially contacted her a week and a half before our shoot, and she had our pictures to us within two weeks! If any of you live in her area I would highly recommend her for anytime of photography! However, she does specialize in pinups which are AMAZING! If we're ever in the area again I will definitely be looking her up again!

Here are some of our photos!

Engagement Pictures photo 1Engagement Pictures photo 2Engagement Pictures photo 3Engagement Pictures photo 4Engagement Pictures photo 5