Oct 01, 2011

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Baby Bump Pics photo 1Baby Bump Pics photo 2Baby Bump Pics photo 3


Baby Bump Pics photo 4

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A little Luther is on the way photo 1


We did it!!!! We took two test just to make sure!!! YYYYYYAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!

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The wedding came & went.. It seems like just yesterday I was walking down the aisle to my best friend, lover companion & now he is my husband!!! These are the photos taken by family members and or some of the bridal party who had thier phones on them..

I'll upload the pro's later!


Man Did the time ever fly photo 1

Walking down the aisle with my Mom(left) & Grandma (Right)


Man Did the time ever fly photo 2

My Mom & Grandma giving me away because I didn't show up!


Man Did the time ever fly photo 3

The vows.. We wrote our own. His made me cry &  Mine made him bawl!


Man Did the time ever fly photo 4

Blessing of the rings!



Man Did the time ever fly photo 5

You may kiss the bride!!!

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You would never think that Oriental Trading Company would have such awesome supplies for a wedding but they do!! OMG!! Practically my whole wedding is being bought by Oriental Trading and the Dollar Tree!!

Oriental Trading Company Saved My Weddin photo 1

^These are our engraved double hearts cake serving set.. Only $22.00 plus s/h^


Oriental Trading Company Saved My Weddin photo 2


^ These are our personalized Wedding Flutes..  Only $20.00 ^

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I just don't want anyone thinking that I'm being rude because I'm not returning any toasts I would love to and believe me I've tried. However for some reason I can't send messages or return any toasts. Its really starting to bug me so I sent an email off to the higher ups and maybe they can help.. I thought it was the old computer I was on cuz it does tend to be a POS but it won't let me do it on my laptop either!




Anyways Thank You All for the toasts and messages I will return the favors as soon as I can!!


Much love to ya!!


Misty Soon To Be Luther!!

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Our Favors photo 1

^ This is our Wedding Favors.. 6oz Coca~Cola bottles w/a tag that says "ITS THE REAL THING" MISTY & GARY OCTOBER 1, 2011^