Sep 03, 2011

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Reverend Bob was very nice and helpful. Thank you for being our officiant.
Services used: Officiant

Grace Lin Professional Make up Team
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Grace Lin and her team can do magic! Most people here already said what I wanted to say. They are just AWESOME!!!! I loved my makeup and hairstyle. My bridesmaids love their makeup and hairstyle. My mother and mother in law loved their makeup and hairstyle. You give yourself to them and let them know what you like to do with your hair and makeup and then the magic begins from there. I let Grace Lin be in charge of changing/deciding what to do with my makeup and hairstyle on my wedding day, because she is the makeup/hairstylist and I am not. She knew what the best was for me. My wedding day was so beautiful. I cried, I jump, I danced and the makeup and hairstyle she put on me did not fall apart at all. Thank you Grace.
Services used: Beauty & Health

Le Petit Gardenia, Inc.
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We chose Alison-Le Petit Gardenia to do our bouquets and we are happy with the outcome. She is a very friendly person and her service was great. The bridesmaid bouquets were prettier than I thought it would be. They looked very artistic and different from other bouquets I have seen. It was one of the reasons we chose her. We didn’t want just any florist to do our bouquets. We wanted an artist. As for my bride bouquet, I was a little disappointed. I was hoping to see some flowers hanging down from the bouquet like we talked about, but there were just a couple of long skinny leaves. My bride bouquet was a lot of very nice flowers thrown together into a big ball instead of more well planned artistic look. But, once you put all the bouquets together, they looked very nice as a set. So, maybe that was her plan. In the pictures, all the bouquets are standing out a lot from all other decors in the venue. If I had to choose another florist to make our bouquets, I would still choose Alison-Le Petit Gardenia.
Services used: Flowers

Lobo Castle
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( 3.0 / 5.0 )
We chose them to do our DJ/MC for our wedding. They were a super nice and a sweet couple and that made us feel safe using them. We wanted to see our DJ/MC in person to talk about some rundown for our big day, but they said we did not need to do so. We just needed to click buttons on their website to choose songs and so on. They said we usually don’t get to see our DJ/MC until the day of and usually everything will be done through phone calls with our DJ/MC. We believed in them and paid for the deposit. Later, we visited the website and we were confused. It really didn’t seem to work without talking to our DJ/MC in person. Couple of months later, we had to change our venue, because of multiple hidden fees. We sent them an email about changing venues but they never replied back to us. Let me tell you this, before we paid the deposit, we had a lot of phone calls from them and also emails about their services.

Months had passed; they finally give us a call back two weeks before our wedding. They called us to let us know that we have to pay the rest of the money soon. We asked them if they received our email about the venue change, and they said they received it. We told them about the new venue and we really needed to see our DJ/MC in person. In the end, the DJ/MC finally contacted us. By then, we already had too many things to follow up with and didn’t have time to see him until the last week. He couldn’t see us the last week because his schedule was full. We talked over the phone for almost 2 hours to figure out our timeline for songs and MC’ing. It was hard to explain how the venue looked like even with pictures on the website. It was still very confusing, but he made us feel better.

On our wedding day, our DJ/MC Craig did a good job, but it could have been done a lot better if he visited the venue first and if we had better communication. My poor bridesmaid was in charge of taking care and talking to the DJ if there were needs. She was running up and down stairs with her high heels all day to give messages to him.


(After leaving this feedback, Simply Perfect Wedding called us. They apologized and it made us feel better. It showed that they do care about our feedback. They said they will be more careful for future weddings.)
Services used: DJ
Simply Perfect Images
We just wanted to thank you so much for talking with us about this! In the future, we will do everything in our power to have better and more frequent communication, many weeks before the event. In the past, most of our couples did not want us bugging them too often. We chose to be less intrusive about filling out forms and checking in on you, this obviously was not our best choice in this situation. We understand that time can get away from you. We are so sorry that we didn't "bug" you more often!

We wish that we had more time to set up a visit to the location with our DJ, but that should have been set up several weeks ahead of time. Again, a learning lesson for us to try to check in more frequently to find out about any special needs that our brides and grooms might have. Talking with our DJ, the issue seemed to be with logistics of where he had to set up and stay all evening. He wished that he had been on the same level as the reception party. Unfortunately, he was placed there by the venue. This made a huge difference to how much he could interact with the crowd. A visit previous to the event may or may not have changed this, he might still have had to be in the same location.

Again, thank you for talking this over with us. In this situation, we have all learned a great deal. We hope that you both have many, many years together filled with love, good health and happiness. We are always a phone call away, should you ever need anything.


Heidi and Alan Merrigan