Oct 06, 2012

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I have carefully hand selected all of my girls! My MOH is my very best friend since we were 9 years old! Then the bridesmaids are: Another two great friends Kristen who I've also know since elementary school, and Elizabeth who I met in the military in 2001. Then I have also chosen my brother Thomas' girlfriend Samantha.  Each an every one on them have effected my life in a great and positive way. I love you all!! =)

The Girlieeesss photo 1The Girlieeesss photo 2

(Above left: Jenni & myself)..........................................(Above right: Kristen)

The Girlieeesss photo 3

(Above: Elizabeth and myself)

The Girlieeesss photo 4

(Above: Samantha on the right)



 My flower girl will be my fiance's niece Mailee. By the time of the wedding she will be 8 years old.

The Girls photo 3The Girls photo 4This will be her dress. It matches great! It is also ivory/ champagne.  This picture doesn't really do the dress any justice, it is much cuter in person.

***All of the dresses are from David's Bridal. 

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 Attire photo 2  Attire photo 1This is an Oleg Cassini gown.  I fell in love with this dress about a year ago, I knew as soon as I saw it that it would be "the one".  I just ordered it in ivory/ champagne from David's Bridal.  It should be here this October! =)

Attire photo 3   Attire for the Big Day photo 1

Attire for the Big Day photo 2Attire for the Big Day photo 3<-------matches -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------my engagement ring

I am going for a vintage look as far as jewelry. Probably a bracelet...and no necklace. I really want to do a pearl drop earring like this. I think the pearls will look great with my dress

As far as shoes... I purchased a pair that I loved and thought would go perfectly...and I do and they are great... but after I ordered them online I realized that they were only good to look at! As far as practical for the entire day. So I am on a new hunt for the perfect shoe.         

  Attire for the Big Day photo 4                                                               

Above are the first pair.

*Update: Just won an online auction for Badgley Mischka Randee Sandals! =)


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Finally We re Engaged photo 1getting married in days

     Finally We re Engaged photo 2Finally We re Engaged photo 3

These are our babies. Gia and Shugga <3

Finally We re Engaged photo 4Finally We re Engaged photo 5Finally We re Engaged photo 6<---- Here it is!!!! =)

The story of us is a very long one, a little over 8 years in the making! Jon an I met each other while serving in the military in 2003.  It has been a long and winding journey to get here, but love always does conquer all!