Apr 24, 2015

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I definitely want spring like colors, (we used red & black for our wedding), I like the pink and orange combo, but with green and yellow accents...

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  • Photography

I'm not sure about photography costs, but I'm sure it will cost at least a few hundred dollars. ($300+)

  • Guests

Alot of costs are determined by the number of guests. Currently, I think there will be approx. 30 adults and about 10 children attending. Mother, Father, Mother-in-law, Step-Father-in-law, Sister + 3 children, Sister + 2 children, Brother, Sister-in-law + 3 children, Sister-in-law's Husband, Brother-in-law, Sister-in-law, Cousin + 2 children, Cousin-in-law, Cousin, Cousin, Cousin, Aunt, Uncle, Uncle, Cousin, Husband's Aunt, Husband's Cousin, Husband's Cousin, Husband's Grandmother, Husband's Grandmother, Husband's Step-Grandfather...               And I'm sure there's a few I'm missing... So approx. 40 guests total... Favors, ($80+)

  • Ceremony

Chairs, aisle runner, aisle petals, ceremony place, pew decor, flowers, arch. ($700+)

  • Reception

Tables, chairs, table cloths, center peices, reception place, food, drinks, severware, silverware, cookware, table decor, table numbers, flowers, candles... ($1500+)

  • Invitations

I'm making these my self with ribbon, card stock, and paper. Simple & beautiful... ($20+)

  • Total

Our estimated budget will be about $2,600.00. This isn't including clothes and jewlery.

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Just putting some ideals out there for the renewal my husband and I are planning for our five year anniversary. Our first anniversary just passed so we've got almost 4 years to decide what, when, and where. We decided to have a renewal after our wedding; after rain and budget problems the wedding didn't go at all as planned.

The date will be: Friday, April 24th, 2015...